*squinting at his path intensifies*

The Queen–the Dreamer’s twin sister–has been in my life for a few years now, though I wouldn’t say we’re nearly as close as I am to her twin.  I’ve dealt with her spirits, the Mothers of Sorrow, and the Beasts of Outer Darkness, off an on for a few years as well.

Yesterday, I was writing out some ideas on a more structured practice, and the idea of a prayer to the Queen came up.  I did a reading with my People (the prayer was from them to her,) and they were more than happy to suggest I become her devotee.

I did a reading with the Dreamer, who gave me a few cards that said that my Officially becoming his twin sister’s devotee would be good for me, and possibly transformative.  The reading I just finished with the Queen backed up what her twin said, and that my being her devotee is much more about improving my life Here, rather than anything astral related.

It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten a nudge to become devoted to a deity, especially one I’ve known for years now.  She’s not asking for any oaths, just that I continue to care for myself and heal.

3 thoughts on “*squinting at his path intensifies*

  1. *nod nod* neat! that’s cool. after the destruction and rebuilding of my practice, I’m trying to figure out what a devotee even is. do you have thoughts? (or blog-able thoughts if you want)

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