A New Path To Explore

Last night I sat down with the Queen, and she had me draw a few tarot cards about where she wants me to go next.  (For someone who’s in a fallow time, it’s busy around here with the Queen.)  She wants me to explore the path/faith (not sure what the right word is) in Darkness that’s dedicated to her, along with simply learning more about her.

I questioned this, because Summer is the annual fallow time in Darkness.  She reminded me that last Summer I worked with [a friend of the Dreamer’s], and it’s the Wild Hunt right now, which means that Summer is her time of year.

I’m currently waiting on some outside divination to confirm what I know of this path, to be certain that I have the details right.  This is part of becoming her Devotee–and Jake thinks it’ll be good for me, to have a specific path I follow.  That said, this is something that will take time.

Cabling Help?

This project is supposed to be the honeycomb stitch, instead I’m getting something that has a braided look, like this (which looks cool, but isn’t what I want.)


The pattern calls for k5 *c2f, c2b* k5 on the knit rows, and then purling on the WS rows (row 3 is c2b c2f).  I’m knitting the border, cabling 2 in front, knitting two stitches, then cabling 2 in back, and knitting two more stitches.  I feel like I’ve got how to use the cable needle down, but the honeycomb stitch is eluding me.

Anyone have any idea what I’m doing wrong, if anything?

WIP Wednesday, Trying Cables

I’ve been wanting to learn the honeycomb stitch lately, and once I settled on a pattern [link] I went to the LYS yesterday to buy some new yarn.


I’m not very far into it, I’ve just knit the border and the first repeat of the honeycomb stitch.  This project has a learning curve, since I’m new to cables.  I am using a cable needle, and balancing three needles as opposed to two is slightly nerve wracking.  I think as I continue, the cables will get easier.

The color of the yarn is darker and richer than the picture makes it look.  It’s a worsted weight alpaca yarn that so far is nice to work with.

Finished the Lace Shawl!

I finished the lace shawl [link] last night!

Coffee mug is for scale

What I learned from this is that I am not a lace knitter. I could do a project that alternates between lace and another, simpler, stitch, but not a project that’s solid lace. I could do a project that has lace edging, but I found myself getting frustrated with the solid lace (which is why I added the garter stitch section.)

The shawl is shorter than my other ones are, but that’s okay. I can tuck it into my purse and take it with me to places, which is something I can’t do with the other shawls I’ve made.

I loved the yarn I used, its Plymouth yarn in Viento [link] and it’s so soft and warm. I adored working with the yarn, and might buy more in another color at my next trip to the knitting store in my town.

My Necklace Arrived!

Reblogging to my main blog to show off my new devotional jewelry.

Flowers, Light, and Shadow

In another post [link] I mentioned that I’d asked my Lady if I could get some devotional jewelry for her, and that she’s given her okay. I spent some time scrolling through Etsy in search of a Tree of Life necklace, and today my necklace came in.

The necklace is by Pieces of Reesie on Etsy [link], and I’d happily buy from them again. Shipping was fast, I got the necklace in three days after I bought it.

It’s perfect for what I wanted; I wanted a larger pendant, and I wanted a silver necklace that I felt fits my style. Lately I’ve missed having devotional jewelry that I can wear everyday in public (my compass necklace has a really small pendant that I prefer to wear tucked under my shirt.) I chose a Tree of Life because it’s a very common symbol, and it’s associated with the Queen…

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I’ve Fallen In Love With Sandbox Games

I recently wrote a post [link] about my favorite games without combat.  Lately, I’ve found that I love building and sandbox style games.  It’s a genre I’ve recently discovered (or re-discovered, if the Roller Coaster Tycoon series that was my childhood video game love counts as a sandbox game.)

pet shop
My character is Staxel, outside the pet shop he helped build.

I think what I love about it so much is that the game is up to you, the player.  I’m currently playing Staxel [link to Steam] and it’s like Minecraft meets Stardew Valley.  One thing I love about the game is that your character is accepted into the village right away, you don’t have the prove your worth to the villagers.

I’m still learning how to build things–I love the light blocks (which I’ve used in the pet shop my screenshot is of.)  I’ve found that I like my virtual homes to be well lit.  I’m thinking about rebuilding my house in the game with at least one layer of the light blocks, rather than solid wood.

WIP Wednesday, What Two Days with No Wi-Fi Results In

For the past two days, as the title of the post says, the wi-fi was down. Due to this, I got a ton of knitting time in, and now have 80 rows of this shawl [link] done.


As you can see, the pattern has changed quite a bit. I added the garter section, thinking that I could go back to the lace after a bit…only to discovered that I’d added stitches????? Somehow?????

Since my choices were to either rip back at least 10 rows of work, or continue on with a new pattern, I’ve decided to continue on with the new (improvised) pattern. Right now I’ve gone back to garter stitches, but I want to do something fancier at the end of the shawl. I’m thinking about adding some eyelet rows at the end, but I’ll see what happens when I get there.

Ending of the Newbie Devotee Challenge

Day 20 was a conversation with your deity, and what the Queen and I talked about felt much too personal to post online.  I’m posting two pieces today because the wi-fi has been off and on the past two days.

Day 21: How has your relationship with your deity changed over the course of this challenge? Has it stayed the same? Have the two of you gotten any closer? Are you pleased with the results?

I would say that the Queen and I have gotten closer as a result of the challenge.  We’re both happy with the results of the challenge, and I’m really glad I did it.