Something I Learned Today

I woke up with a fever this morning, which means that my plans of baking something for the Festival of Hearts (which is today) has gone right out the window.  I was already dealing with low spoons, getting sick took those spoons into the negative numbers.  I did make some hot chocolate to share with Jake and Trev, but my plans of visiting my sisters Over There is something that’s not happening today.

I did approach the shrine this morning, since my morning prayer routine takes just a few minutes.  When I picked up the lantern, I was promptly Told to put the lantern down, turn off the candle, and go eat breakfast.  I learned that I’m Not Allowed to do anything with my shrine (or any spiritual stuff at all) when I’m sick–which makes perfect sense, I’m just grumpy that I had to get sick on a major holiday.

4 thoughts on “Something I Learned Today

  1. *nods* me too. In a lesser way, I am also discouraged from prayer or routine practice if I am grumpy or overtired, because then everything is grudging and No Fun. Maybe similarly, if you’re sick, your deities don’t want you to not have fun.

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