Devotee Thoughts (I)

The Queen appearing in my life, and my being gently pushed towards her by her twin, is the first time in a long time that I’ve had a deity slowly take on a role in my life.  The Dreamer and the Madman both made their intentions and feelings towards me clear very quickly, and the recorded gods I once worked with were equally quick (at the time) to claim me as a member of their family.  A recorded god [a friend of the Dreamer’s] I briefly worked with was equally clear that he wanted to be friends, and we parted ways in friendship when the contract was over.

On the way home from the writer’s group tonight, I found myself pondering that the Queen’s presence in my life as been a very quiet one for the six years I’ve known her.  She’s been in and out of my life during that time, but this is the first that she’s asked anything devotional of me–and I’m the one who initially approached her (after some gentle nudging from both my People and her twin) about becoming her devotee, rather than her calling me.

This feels different to me, my becoming her devotee slowly.  It’s also something I’m happy about, because the slow pace is what I’m most comfortable with at this time.  Being unrecorded, she’s not a goddess I can research, but I have to learn about her by interacting with her (as well as interaction with her spirits.)  This slow pace is new to me, but it’s a journey that I’m happy to go on.

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