Myths (Newbie Devotee Challenge)

I’m blending day 5 and 6 into one post, since both answers are short.

Day 5: Describe your favorite story/myth that involves your deity. Discuss why this one is your favorite, and if this story/myth somehow influences your practice.

My favorite myth involving her is the one about how her and her twin met, which I’ve talked about here [link].  It’s my favorite not only because it gives more background on my Beloved, but also because it shows her compassionate nature as well.

This myth does influence my practice, since I see the High King and Queen as twin siblings.  This actually goes back to when I knew them both as recorded gods, even then I had the UPG that they were twins through a blood oath, rather than being related through blood in the more traditional sense.  This has since been confirmed as how their bond was sealed, as well as rune spells being added into the bond between them as well.

Day 6:  Describe your least favorite myth.

My least favorite myth is how her daughter became a dying-and-rising goddess.  The Queen had a hand in that, and to me the Queen’s actions seem cruel.  I can understand her working for the greater good, and that her daughter needed to take her role within the Pantheon, but it’s hard for me to wrap my head around the Queen’s actions.

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