New Knitting Project; Improvised Shawl

Since finishing the baby blanket, I wanted a new project that wasn’t on a loom. So, armed with the pattern I wanted, I headed to the LYS yesterday. I bought two different textured yarns; the silver yarn is bamboo, and the lavender yarn is merino wool.

[Image description: three balls of yarn, one silver bamboo, two lavender Merino wool, sitting on a brown couch]
I sat down with my pattern…and quickly discovered that it would be better worked up in a DK or worsted weight yarn (the recommended yarn, while giving a nice halo effect, was also way more expensive than i was wiling to pay.) I had bought six skeins of sport weight yarn, and now had no idea what to do with them.


After a break to unravel, I decided to try and hold two strands of the lavender yarn together, since I’d forgotten how *thin* sock weight yarn is…and found that I loved it. I always try and learn new techniques when I knit, and I’ve decided that doubling up strands of yarn will be what I learn with this project.

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