Music (Newbie Devotee Challenge)

I’m skipping day 14, since I can’t find my sketch book, and day 15 because I couldn’t get a moodboard to work on WordPress.

Day 16: Create a song list that makes you think about your deity. Give a brief reason for choosing each song, and provide links to youtube videos for other people to enjoy! You can devote the energy you put into this project as an offering for your deity.

I’ve been looking forward to this, because music is one of the main ways I connect to Otherworld People.

This is a video heavy post, so the rest is under a cut.

This song was one she sent me when I was pondering whether or not to start becoming her devotee.  It reassured me that she has my best interests at Heart, and that she wants me to heal.

Demon Hunter is one of my–and her–favorite bands.  This song reminds me of her healing aspect, especially the personally healing she wants me to do, which I wrote about on her blog [link].

This has been my main song for her lately, with all the healing work I’m going through.  It was hard to pick just two Demon Hunter songs for her, since the band resonates with my path with her so much.

This song is specifically for her Executioner side (if her twin is any indication, this Face of hers is terrifying.)

A song for her as Queen of the Hunt.  As silly as this band is, the song reminds me of her.

And, to wrap this post up, a song for her as Mother.




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