WIP Wednesday, What Two Days with No Wi-Fi Results In

For the past two days, as the title of the post says, the wi-fi was down. Due to this, I got a ton of knitting time in, and now have 80 rows of this shawl [link] done.


As you can see, the pattern has changed quite a bit. I added the garter section, thinking that I could go back to the lace after a bit…only to discovered that I’d added stitches????? Somehow?????

Since my choices were to either rip back at least 10 rows of work, or continue on with a new pattern, I’ve decided to continue on with the new (improvised) pattern. Right now I’ve gone back to garter stitches, but I want to do something fancier at the end of the shawl. I’m thinking about adding some eyelet rows at the end, but I’ll see what happens when I get there.

2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday, What Two Days with No Wi-Fi Results In

  1. K2tog at a random point once a row in garter stitch until you’re back at the original stitch count, then you could do a matching lace bit at the other end? It’s pretty much what I did on my second ever knitting project (a small open-topped bag/pouch) when I ended up with twice as many stitches halfway through than I had at the start. Quite impressively, I managed this with only about twenty rows of garter, although I did all the k2togs on one row, so the bag became a trapezium in shape rather than rectangular.

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