I’ve Fallen In Love With Sandbox Games

I recently wrote a post [link] about my favorite games without combat.  Lately, I’ve found that I love building and sandbox style games.  It’s a genre I’ve recently discovered (or re-discovered, if the Roller Coaster Tycoon series that was my childhood video game love counts as a sandbox game.)

pet shop
My character is Staxel, outside the pet shop he helped build.

I think what I love about it so much is that the game is up to you, the player.  I’m currently playing Staxel [link to Steam] and it’s like Minecraft meets Stardew Valley.  One thing I love about the game is that your character is accepted into the village right away, you don’t have the prove your worth to the villagers.

I’m still learning how to build things–I love the light blocks (which I’ve used in the pet shop my screenshot is of.)  I’ve found that I like my virtual homes to be well lit.  I’m thinking about rebuilding my house in the game with at least one layer of the light blocks, rather than solid wood.

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