My Necklace Arrived!

Reblogging to my main blog to show off my new devotional jewelry.

Flowers, Light, and Shadow

In another post [link] I mentioned that I’d asked my Lady if I could get some devotional jewelry for her, and that she’s given her okay. I spent some time scrolling through Etsy in search of a Tree of Life necklace, and today my necklace came in.

The necklace is by Pieces of Reesie on Etsy [link], and I’d happily buy from them again. Shipping was fast, I got the necklace in three days after I bought it.

It’s perfect for what I wanted; I wanted a larger pendant, and I wanted a silver necklace that I felt fits my style. Lately I’ve missed having devotional jewelry that I can wear everyday in public (my compass necklace has a really small pendant that I prefer to wear tucked under my shirt.) I chose a Tree of Life because it’s a very common symbol, and it’s associated with the Queen…

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