Cabling Help?

This project is supposed to be the honeycomb stitch, instead I’m getting something that has a braided look, like this (which looks cool, but isn’t what I want.)


The pattern calls for k5 *c2f, c2b* k5 on the knit rows, and then purling on the WS rows (row 3 is c2b c2f).  I’m knitting the border, cabling 2 in front, knitting two stitches, then cabling 2 in back, and knitting two more stitches.  I feel like I’ve got how to use the cable needle down, but the honeycomb stitch is eluding me.

Anyone have any idea what I’m doing wrong, if anything?

3 thoughts on “Cabling Help?

  1. I must admit I haven’t tried a honeycomb stitch, but from what I remember of cabling for a braided effect, it does kinda sound like what you’re doing is going to look more like a braid. From trying to look up honeycomb stitch tutorials and looking at this pattern, I don’t think you need to knit two after the cabling bits. It looks a bit more like C2F (knit 2 according to that specific direction, which sounds like it’ll have a one stitch crossing over the other effect), immediately C2B (knit 2 according to that specific direction), and immediately C2F and so on.

    It kinda sounds like you’re trying to do a C4F, C4B pattern with the knit 2 stitches after the cabling (slip 2 stitches onto cable needle (hold front), knit 2, knit those 2 cable stitches off cable needle, slip 2 stitches onto cable needle (hold back), knit 2, knit those 2 cable stitches off cable needle). Granted, I may be getting the mental picture of this wrong, but it seems like you’re partway to doing the honeycomb stitch as shown in this tutorial:

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  2. Ok. So C2F means take the 1st stitch and put it on the cable needle to the front of your work, ignore it and knit the stitch next to it, then knit that stitch off the needle.
    It does NOT mean put 2 stitches on the cable needle. When I did it to the pattern you shared, I got the right result, when I did it how you said you did it I got the photo result. I really hope this helps!!! I’d love to see an update. If it’s too frustrating, let me know and I’ll do a photo set on my page so you can see it. ♥

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