WIP Wednesday, Knitting Progress Report

Currently, I’ve got three projects going, two on needles and one on my loom.

I have a blanket I’m working on for my Otherworld Family, knit using this pattern [link] but in aran weight yarn.  I’m enjoying it so far, though I misread the instructions and turned my work too soon, so had to rip pack a few rows.  I’m really proud of myself for picking up all the stitches without too many errors, and not panicking at the accidental yarn over.

My other needle project goes to therapy with me, so it’s a simple, lightweight scarf/shawl that’s easy to work on while I talk.

My knitting loom blanket has been in hibernation for a while now.  Sometimes I want the ease of needles, other times I want the fastness of the loom.  Right now the loom feels bulky to handle, but I know I should get back to it, if I want the project to grow to the point that it really looks like a blanket.

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