About My Path, my Gods, and my Beloveds

My Path

My path is that of a devotional mystic, though I mostly just describe myself as being a polytheist.  Pop culture plays a rather large role in my path, especially in learning about my g/Gods, which I’ve written about in my Pop Culture and Mysticism category.

The main description of what I do on my path can best be described as Sacred Kingship.  This is about supporting my Beloveds directly in their Jobs, but it also involves a group of spirits Over There who see me as their King (and there are some Monsters who see me as their Father.)

My Gods

I’m technically devoted to two Pantheons of unrecorded g/Gods; the Royal Family of Darkness, and the Big Scary Powers (who I call “the Far Ones.”)  “Darkness” is a very rough, very loose translation of the Realm’s Name; the most I write about the Realm Itself is poetry and on Holidays.

The Royal Family of Darkness is just that, the King and his Family.  I am closer to some members of his Family than others, but we all share a common bond of Love for one another, and Love for our Realm and People.

The Far Ones are the Cosmic Running-the-Universe level Powers.  My interactions with Them are rarer than my interactions with the Royal Family, and I have a healthy level of respect and awe for Them.

My Beloveds

I am married to two of my gods; I refer to my Husbands in public as “the Dreamer” and “the Madman,” and the three of us are in a triad relationship.  While they both have High Power Jobs in their Realm, and I have written poetry for both of them regarding them as Who They Are Over There, I do not worship them.  The lack of a Deity/devotee relationship is at their request, and they have their reasons for the three of us keeping our marriage(s) separate from our Otherworld related Work.

I have a third Beloved, who is not a god or spirit.  I refer to him on this blog as J.  He is someone from my past life, and (at the time of writing this, October 2017) our romantic relationship is still very new.  I didn’t expect to fall in love with him when we were reunited, but that’s what happened.  My deity Husbands consider him to be my mortal partner, even though he lives in the Otherworlds.