About Me and My Blog

Updated 10/7/2017

My name is Varian.  I’m a transgender man (he/him/his pronouns) in my 20’s living in the U.S.  This blog is mostly about my spiritual life, though I write about my “mundane” life as well.  I also write about my mental health struggles, and how a path of devotion can interact with that.

I started my journey into this devotional path in 2013, though it was in 2015 that the main god I was devoted to would drop the bomb on my head that he wasn’t who I thought he was.  I refer to this early time in my devotional life as “when I knew [deity X] as [deity X’s touchstone name]” because I’d rather keep who I once knew them as to myself, for both my privacy and theirs.

In 2017, I got a major bomb dropped on my head regarding that I had a past life that I had spent in the Otherworld with my gods.  At the time this was actually very devastating to learn; while it explained a lot about my gods and how I relate to them, it also brought a lot of heartache and turmoil with it.  The dust is slowly settling, and I’m beginning to rebuild my practice almost from the ground up.

My path, in brief, can be described as dealing with a Pantheon of unrecorded g/Gods who are personal to me, and I am also on a Path of Sacred Kingship.

I can be reached at between.stars.unknown@gmail.com