About The Writer (And The Blog)

Updated 7/14//2017

  • Varian is a trans man (he/him/his pronouns) in his 20’s living in the U.S.
  • This blog is mostly about his spiritual life, though he writes about his ordinary “mundane” life as well.
  • He is devoted to a pantheon of unrecorded deities who are personal to him.
  • He sometimes writes poetry about the deities, but nothing more than that.
  • He is married to two of these deities.
    • He refers to his two Husbands as “the Dreamer” and “the Madman.”
    • These nicknames have nothing to do with their Otherworld Jobs.
  • He is currently (as of July 2017) in the process of rebuilding his practice so it isn’t reliant on astral travel.
  • He can be reached at between.stars.unknown@gmail.com