Life Update, and Side-eyeing Mother Death

Back in October, I finally got a job. It’s a call center job, which I hate.

I recently had an appointment with a specialist, because I’m having voice strain issues due to my job. Like, speaking can be physically difficult level of voice issues.

I also learned that I’m possibly having throat issues–issues that wouldn’t have been caught without that specialist appointment, due to vocal issues at my shitty job.

I’m side eyeing e/Everyone hardcore right now, especially Mother Death. Just. Is the coincidence, or is it A Thing???

Fez, the First Ending

I picked up the game Fez at the Steam sale…sometime last year, I think it was. I played it a bit, got stuck, and put it down for a while. Recently I picked it back up again, and yesterday I got to the first ending, so I though I’d write about it.

It took me about 13 hours to get to the first ending, and a lot of that was falling to my death because I missed a jump. One thing I loved about this game was that it was pure exploration and platforming, no combat.

My least favorite area of the entire game was the industrial zone, because it had these spinning platforms, and platforms that would throw you off to the beat of the music. I was seriously tense the entire time I was in this zone–and I need to go back in the second game, because there’s things I still haven’t discovered yet.

I really enjoyed the game (except the industrial zone.) It’s light on story, but to be honest I don’t mind that the story consists of “you can now see the world in 3-D, also you need to find these cubes for Reasons.” The platforming is fun, the music is great, and I love how brightly colored the world is. The ending is…confusing to me? I’m not sure if it’s trying to have a Deep Message or what, but the drum solo Gomez plays made me grin in a way that a game ending hasn’t in a while.

Overall, an awesome game, and highly recommended.

Hey, I'm Back

I’ve been wanting to get back into writing lately, and tbh I’ve missed writing on WordPress. The break was a good one to take, especially with switching between me/my alters as much as I was. That’s a 0/10 experience, would not recommend.

I don’t know how often I’ll be writing, but I wanted to make a post to say hi, and that I’m doing better.

Hiatus, For Now


This is one of Varian’s alters typing this. I’m assuming he’s written about his Dissociative Identity Disorder on here? Looking at the categories, he has, okay then.

V hasn’t been around much these days–it’s me and S sharing hosting duties, and V has been spending more and more time away from the front lately. It’s been V writing the posts on his blogs, by the way–he’ll front long enough to write something, then go back to the headspace again.

I know he’s got a project going on his blog for “Mother Death” (as he calls her) but that’s probably going to be on hiatus until he comes back. As far as I know the other one he was going to do here on WP has been cancelled due to lack of spoons, and, well, him being gone.

He’s still around in the headspace, by the way. He did try to leave, but the High King (I think?) turned him back and told him that he *has* to live on Earth. So he *is* okay, just not in front right now.

I wanted to write a post so his friends know what’s going on, and because his friends would have some idea of what it is I’m talking about.

–A, protector of the system

I Tried to Leave

I tried to leave this life and world behind.

I tried to slip out of the doorway
of this life, since someone else had
taken over, and found myself in Darkness.

“Go back” where the words that met
my ears, “you need to live, on Earth.”

I am angry, Beloved, that you turned me away,
and I am remorseful, that I tried to leave, and
you are correct, in the question you asked me:
What is it about your life you hate so much?

I go from shock, to grief, to anger; it is not
one thing that makes me hate this world and life;
the pain lies in being taught to hate it from childhood.

Astral Dreams Are Back

My astral dreams are back,
dreams of meetings and Alliances

long discussions over coffee and paperwork
of what we all gain from this political Work.

These dreams are quiet, but still tiring,
I hope my Beloveds and I can relax soon.