I’ve Started A Dreamwidth!

Tumblr (my other main social media) is currently falling apart so fast that I have whiplash for watching my dash as it explodes.  Right now I’m not planning on leaving, but I *am* backing up all my notes that are about my private woo astral bullshit.

I decided to make a Dreamwidth account, which is probably going to be all my interests crammed together in one place.  It’s here (link) if anyone wants to check it out.

I’m Back

I’ve decided to return to blogging, I’ve missed it.

My spiritual life is in upheaval yet again, but I won’t feel comfortable talking about it openly until the entire mess dies down (if even then.)  I might write some poetry because there’s a lot of mixed emotions, but nothing more explicit than that.

Admin Note

Due to mental health related things that are ongoing, I’m going to be setting my posts (except for this one) to private for a while.

While I really do *enjoy* writing about my spiritual life, at the moment having anything about it online is making me feel exposed, and incredibly vulnerable.

My email address is between.stars.unknown@gmail.com if anyone wants to stay in contact with me through that.