Page Update

Because WordPress is rather clunky when it comes to getting pages up in their own menu, I decided to make a quick post announcing that I’ve made a page for my Pareon, which goes into the benefits to supporters (such as early access and exclusive writings.)

It’s here:

A Separate Blog, or Not?

As my close friends know, I’ve been surprised by a pop culture Ascendant [he dislikes being called a god] as well as a spirit he’s brought along.

I’m wondering, should I make a separate blog for K and the Black Winged Lord, or should I keep it all on here?

Hey, I’m Back

I’ve been wanting to get back into writing lately, and tbh I’ve missed writing on WordPress. The break was a good one to take, especially with switching between me/my alters as much as I was. That’s a 0/10 experience, would not recommend.

I don’t know how often I’ll be writing, but I wanted to make a post to say hi, and that I’m doing better.

Hiatus, For Now


This is one of Varian’s alters typing this. I’m assuming he’s written about his Dissociative Identity Disorder on here? Looking at the categories, he has, okay then.

V hasn’t been around much these days–it’s me and S sharing hosting duties, and V has been spending more and more time away from the front lately. It’s been V writing the posts on his blogs, by the way–he’ll front long enough to write something, then go back to the headspace again.

I know he’s got a project going on his blog for “Mother Death” (as he calls her) but that’s probably going to be on hiatus until he comes back. As far as I know the other one he was going to do here on WP has been cancelled due to lack of spoons, and, well, him being gone.

He’s still around in the headspace, by the way. He did try to leave, but the High King (I think?) turned him back and told him that he *has* to live on Earth. So he *is* okay, just not in front right now.

I wanted to write a post so his friends know what’s going on, and because his friends would have some idea of what it is I’m talking about.

–A, protector of the system

Writing Plans

Over the month of September, the Queen wants me to study the runes. A poem or prose piece a day, until I’ve worked through all 25 (with some room to move the schedule around, if I’m traveling or don’t have time.) Yes, she does want me to add the blank rune in, even though I know that’s a modern invention, and not historical–oh. Right. Modern culture stuff is like, my entire path. *faceplam*

During October, we’ve talked about doing the Month of Written Devotion challenge (I typically write for the Madman during October, but he’s the one who suggested this idea to me in the first place.) I’ll be taking the trial run version of my Oath to her at the end of the month, so that’ll be a nice way to prepare.

I think I’ll do these writings for the Queen over on her blog [link] so follow that one if you want to see these writing projects.

I’ve Started A Dreamwidth!

Tumblr (my other main social media) is currently falling apart so fast that I have whiplash for watching my dash as it explodes.  Right now I’m not planning on leaving, but I *am* backing up all my notes that are about my private woo astral bullshit.

I decided to make a Dreamwidth account, which is probably going to be all my interests crammed together in one place.  It’s here (link) if anyone wants to check it out.