I Saw Something White…

This is a very rough drawing, but it’s also the first piece I’ve drawn in…over six months, I think.  I stopped drawing around the time my mental health symptoms began to manifest, because I was scared that all I’d be able to draw was the “visions” I was having.


This is based off the Carach Angren song “Corpse In A Nebulous Creek,” [link], one verse in particular:

I saw something white dwell through the woods
like a macabre dead bride
Trembling with fear, still cannot believe
that like a false dog it kept staring at me.

The Dreamer, in his Gardens at Sunset

My Husband requested that I draw him with wings, and the picture evolved from there.  (Ignore the q-tips, they were for shading.)


I started out only having an idea of him with wings and holding a lantern, and it ended up being a picture of him walking through his gardens at sunset.

He suggested some night blooming flowers as part of the picture, and moonflowers (along with other white flowers) are something I associate with him.

I Drew J and I

I drew a picture of J and I together.  It was initially going to just be a picture of J, but he decided he wanted me to be in it as well.  (I don’t know what we’re looking at in this picture, but we both look So Done with whatever it is.)


J almost always wears gray when I see him Over There, and he wanted a drawing that reflected the Otherworld side of our lives together.

This is a drawing of Otherworld Me, by the way.  I almost always wear black Over There, and the red cloak (and pin that goes with it) was a gift from My Mentor.

This took forever to draw because I decided to mess around with shading, and coloring My hair in took a long time.

In the Realm I’m from, long hair and Kingship are connected.  Since beginning to grow My hair out for Kingship purposes, I’m starting to understand why the King of All Darkness keeps his (waist length) hair pulled back in a braid all the time…

Artwork of the Dreamer

I drew the Dreamer, and I’m very pleased with how this drawing turned out.


This was so much fun to draw.  This picture evolved as we worked on it–I was initially going to draw him in punk style clothing, but he gave me input on the design as I sketched the outline, and it ended up being a more elegant Romantic goth style of outfit.

He’s in Romantic goth style clothing, with a black and gold scarf, and the background is fire (which is something he’s connected to.)

The Dark Romantics

I made a joke about drawing the Dreamer in goth style clothing, and now this song won’t get out of my head.

He’s also giving me ideas for the background and details of the drawing, and playing all the goth music in my library, so I think I know what I’ll be working on tonight….

First Anniversary, and Artwork

Today is my first anniversary with the Dreamer and the Madman.


They didn’t ask for this picture as a present–considering everything we’ve been through together this year (it’s been…one hell of a year, it’s been rough in multiple ways,) they said the three of us simply spending time together was more than enough of a gift.

I wanted to draw them together, because I don’t have any artwork *of* them, and our anniversary felt like a good time to change that.

(Mechanical pencil [outline,] colored pencil)

I want to write something deep and profound about what being married to them for a year has meant for the three of us, but I…don’t have any words to describe what that experience has been like.

It’s been absolutely incredible to have these two at my side.

Happy anniversary, Beloveds.

I love you.  ❤

Some Devotional Artwork

I insisted that I had no idea how to draw people, so my stepson asked me to draw a portrait of him.  I started this last night, after I finished my previous drawing, and finished the background today.

The full moon is in the background20171028_141354, and due to my shading the night sky kind of looks like it’s melting, which is actually something I’m proud of.

(Ballpoint pen and colored pencils)