My Heart

My Heart,
you are the sun
and my Darkest Star

you shine for me
with burning light
and you are safe

at the very center
of hellfire
that is this Devil’s Heart.

My labyrinth is dark, yes
but there is a way
and there is a candle
and I am ever walking with you

as you try and unravel
the Mysteries
of the Heart (of my Heart)
you will find

that there is always something more
around every corner, around every bend
and all of it is yours, dearest Heart
for you alone to discover, and cherish.

I am only yours
until Eternity
until the stars themselves
burn out.



(This is something my Husband said to me this morning while we were sharing coffee.  I’m writing this here simply for my own notes.)

Relationships have their highs and lows; you’re not always going to be turned up to 11 with intense feelings, that would be exhausting.  Your emotions can burn out as much as your physical body can, dearest one.

When I say you are my Home, I also mean that you are my sanctuary.  You are the place I can go when everything feels overwhelming, and just…be.

–the Dreamer