Closing Centuries

For the King of All Darkness

Closing a chapter in your life,
laying destruction and grief to rest
on a silent Winter evening.  Your father’s
spirit slid silently away, shattered, to pick up
in the afterlife the pieces that were the sorrowful,
never joyful man he was.  I am sorry, Beloved.  His
ghost haunts us no longer, but you hold me as I
cry for who he once was.  Let this be the true
ending of our path with him, let us hear
no more twisted words about how Love will in
turn break our Hearts to sharp pieces of glass.
Using candles to show that we hold each other’s Light,
realizing that your father was finally fading away, moving
intently to whatever afterlife awaits him.  The silence of
endings broken only by the crackle of flames, now is time to
say good-bye to who he once was, and move forward to the future.

Let It Shine (Devotional December)

Since it’s the 9th of the month, which is the King of All Darkness’s day, I though I’d post a song that reminds me of him, rather than writing a poem.  This might be the next song I learn on guitar, since I’ve been listening to a lot of Southern Gothic style country lately.

I’ve got a little darkness in my heart
I know one day the world will fall apart
But until it falls to pieces and there’s fire in the sky

I’m gonna take my heart and let it shine, shine, shine
I’m gonna take my heart and let it shine

I’ve got a little darkness in my soul
No Jesus, pills, or whisky fills the hole
I’ll light another fire so the world will burn all night

I’m gonna take my heart and let it shine, shine, shine
I’m gonna take my heart and let it shine

I want to shine like the moon at night
I’ll be a million candles
That guide your weary footsteps
And keep you safe from harm
And if my light should falter
You’ll bury me in the ground
And guide me through the darkness
Till death it comes around

There’s a darkness on the broken side of town
At midnight when the devils come around
I’ll light us both a fire and I’ll take us through the night

I’m gonna take my heart and let it shine, shine, shine
I’m gonna take my heart and let it shine

I want to shine like the moon at night
I’ll be a million candles
That guide your weary footsteps
And keep you safe from harm
And if my light should falter
You’ll bury me in the ground
And guide me through the darkness
Till death it comes around

For the King (Devotional December)

You do not ask for sacrifices,
for bent knee and pretty words,
for hallways covered in molten gold.

You ask that I live, that I love
that I find beauty in my life Here,
and gentleness for my own Heart.

You are the Light in Darkness
guiding your People with Grace
and Love beyond comprehension.

Stepping Back from the Vortex (Devotional December)

At times, I feel like I’m the only mystic/godspouse/polytheist who has an “ordinary” life Here, and who’s gods, spirits, and Otherworld people encourage having that “normal” life.  I know I’m not (and that I can’t judge a person’s life by a handful of blog posts) but  “give up everything to the gods/make everything about the gods” is an attitude that I still see, and I’ve written about before (link) how unhealthy that is for me.

I got a new tarot deck yesterday, the Sinking Wasteland tarot.  I love the modern art style, the diversity of people in the deck, and that it has very little nudity.  The reading I did yesterday said that this is going to be a deck to help me when it comes to mental health related stuff; since it has a more sparse color scheme, it feels like it’s perfect for that.

I did a reading with the High King, and he gently called me out on having a difficult time breaking the habits in regards to what I call “the god (or astral) vortex.”

I know you lost friends [to the astral,] and I understand that you’re hurting from that, he said to me, but there’s deception in that path, in having the Otherworlds take over your life.

The Beginning of the Royal Twins (Devotional December)

Darkness is not a place of brutality.  The goddess thinks this as she rises to her feet, her eyes lingering on the man who could be her exact opposite, they look so much alike.  They both have the same dark skin, long black hair, and burning yellow eyes.  But, she reflects, these features are common across the Otherworlds.

Her twin–and she had begun to think of him as such, though he was from a very different world than hers–rises to his feet as well, having collected, then cleaned, the arrows she had shot.  He passes them to her without a word, their hands briefly touching, before he picks up a bow and arrows of his own.

She wonders what he think of, as he draws his bow back; she knows a bit of his story, that he is on the run from those in his Father’s Court who would kill him.  But he is silent about his path to Darkness, and she knows that the Far Ones, and her ghosts, do not let anyone stay in these woods without a reason.


For the King of All Darkness.

So many leagues away your Beloved waits,
his hand grasping keys of the dead and Fate.
Eternity’s nothing compared to this, this suffering is
lies, it is not eternal bliss.  The chimes of doom ring out
to all who hear, those who have done the breaking dare not
even come near.  You are Justice, Judge and Jury, Executioner as well,
raise your sword high, this is the ending of a story to tell.

To Wish on Stars

An idea for a story popped into my head on my way home from the knitting group yesterday, so I decided to write it out.  It ended up being more serious than I intended for it to be, but it rings true for me.

“There’s Gods behind those stars, you know.”  The King closed the door behind him, joining his son in the private gardens.

His son had sprawled what appeared to be the entire Royal library’s collection of astronomy books all over the table, some in languages he couldn’t read yet.  But he was ignoring the books, sitting with his bare feet tucked under him, trying to get a look at the stars through his handheld telescope.

“Yeah, I know.”  The boy lowered his telescope, flashed a brief grin, then went back to what he was doing.

“It’s a Sirius thing, stargazing.”

Father.”  His son rolled his eyes.  “You always make that joke.”

The King simply smiled and sat down beside him.  The boy had been in their home for several years now, and there were already questions swirling around him–would he take the Throne, when he came of age?  And another question…what would happen if he didn’t?

“We will love him no matter what,” was always the answer he and his Beloveds gave.  It was the truth, not simply platitudes; he was their son that they loved, not just the Heir and Crown Prince of Darkness.

What if he is meant for things greater than this?

The King shivered at that thought, his eyes going to the stars that were now beginning to glow even brighter in the still spring-time night.   He followed the boy’s telescope, where the lens rested on the constellation that legend said would grant the viewer’s fondest hopes and dreams.

Please, he prayed, let him have a happy childhood, a happy life.  I did not carry him from the snow, his would-be killer’s blood on my hands, for him to become a pawn of the Gods and those who would seize my Throne by taking my child from me.

“What’re you wishing for?”  His son had put the telescope down on the table, simply gazing up at the stars with him now.

“That you’re happy.”

“I am.”  His son paused.  “Do you ever…speak to the stars?”

“To the Gods behind them, yes.”

“What do They say?”

“That They’re watching over you.”  It wasn’t a lie, but so much less than the truth; he had been shown a vision of a pearl that held the moon, and his son’s eyes black with grief.  What it meant he did not know, but he hoped that in the years to come, that the wish he made on this night still held true.

New Starlight

For the King of All Darkness, a reflection on recent Otherworld events.

Now is the hour of the moon’s rising, of those
evanescent through time to be found.  This new
world once thought lost–you step forward to
sign your name, sign your greetings, sign your
thoughtfulness and understanding.  This world still
alive in the cracks between still shining stars, but the
reigning force is silence.  So your hands speak for you (the
language spoken has been lost) offering peace.  There
is wariness still, of your Crown, but you accept no offered
gold, for it will tarnish soon.  This action caused acceptance of your
honor, of your good standing.  There is still more to be done, but
time is slowly moving forward, and thus your Alliance is sealed.

A Foundation Across Ruin

For the King of All Darkness; this began as my monthly offering of poetry to him, and as I wrote it turned into a reflection through his eyes on recent Otherworld events.

Animosity is what you are facing now,
for once you have become the Judge you
own your sentencing and decree of guilt.
Unlawful acts against your People–yes, even
newcomers others may despise–means a
death sentence (but even then, there is not
a lack of possibility of redemption.)  There is
turmoil for your choice, for your Justice, for you
initiating the sweeping changes as you give the
orders to seek out the cracks in the foundations.
Never let injustice lie, you said to me, this was not
an act done in haste, on the spur of the moment.
Chaos, death, and tragedy was prevented, but your
Ruling faces potential cracks, dig deep but not from
stubbornness, dig into the foundations and see what
strife lurks beneath the surface.  They will see you are now
reaching out to those who mourn, to those who have
untold grievances and sorrows.  You will listen, and repair,
injustice is something you strive to fix, and that means
not even you are above reproach, and you are aware of that.

A Lighter Kingship Poem

They say the gods change you
no one ever told me that
it would also change
how I read fantasy novels;

that the weight of a Crown
would leave me yelling
at authors who think that Kings
have the most glamorous Job
full of riches and adoration.

(The look I’m getting as I type this,
from the King of All Darkness who’s
currently buried in paperwork.)