For the King of All Darkness

Steady are your hands as you build Darkness up,
tearing things down does nothing but hasten
endings.  Spring is slowly coming towards us
all, and there are new joys and new loves to be
discovered.  Change hit Darkness fast, but now
fissures have been smoothed over–not repaired with
another type of gilded paint, but with Justice that is
smooth and concrete.  In your steadfastness, all are
truly welcome in your Kingdom, and lifted up by you.

Outpouring of Love (Devotional Acrostic Challenge)

[I got behind because of schoolwork, and things Over There got intense again, so I’m catching up now.]

The prompt is Air, Wind, Life Giving Gods or Spirits

For the King of All Darkness, a reflection on recent Otherworld events

Obviously, this was meant to bring him down, the tragedies
unfolding and the times he never spoke of becoming known
to all.  Was shattering his son’s Heart part of the goal, or was his
People turning away from him the aim?  Either way, it does not matter,
our Family has been broken before, and we have survived that.  But do
understand that there is no forgiveness here; a betrayal of this magnitude means
ribbons burning, and there is no hope among those ashes.  In Darkness, life may
ignite from ruin, but that life must continue to grow, it cannot simply be burnt to
nothingness again, in hopes of starting over.  The King of All Darkness did not
grieve the wreckage that he found, but rather built up from ruins.  In times
of trial he reaches to his People, asking what can be done, what can be
fixed, that they may have a better life; what shelter can he give to the
lost fleeing war and tragedy, how can he heal those who have been broken.
On quiet evenings he sits in his Gardens, the Love of his People sustaining his
very Heart.  His People adore him, and will stand by his side no matter what
events and tragedies of his never spoken about past may be revealed.

He Stands for Justice

For the King of All Darkness; a story he has told me about his past, put into poetry form at his request.

He holds his blades high, in the shining light of the moon, as
evening descends to true night time.  One he loves dearly has been
stolen from him, and his steps on snow are silent.  There is a
time and place to take matters (and knives) into his own hands,
and his child being taken from him is one of them.  This is
not a time to stay still and do nothing; he is facing down possible
death, and he knows this–but he has died before, and that single
shattering event left him mute and covered with scars.  He will never
forsake the child he loves, and his life for his son’s may be his undoing.
On this night his blades will fly, and he will walk from the burning
rubble with his son cradled in his arms.  He has walked from ruin before,
just not in King’s whites that are stained in fire and blood.  Grief is
useless at this moment; what matters is that his son is breathing, that his
son is alive.  The moon shines down upon them, and a fire is burning behind
them, to destroy what remains of this trauma.  Vengeance has been sought,
in retribution for far more than the King’s son being kidnapped.  There is a
change in him now, a hardness to his eyes as he strides through the snow;
even he can become rage incarnate when one from his Heart is broken.

Sing the Stars to Sleep (Devotional Acrostic Challenge)

The prompt for the week is Bright, Ouranic, Heaven/Sky Gods or Spirits

For the Far Ones; a reflection through Their eyes on the King of All Darkness.

Shining in the Void beyond the Heavens, between the
Innumerable Stars, You are both Terror and Beauty.
Nothing evades Your gaze; You saw the the twin of the
Goddess long before he fell into Your burning world.
Time would slowly trickle on, and he would become
History in living form; a young Prince fleeing from
Elsewhere who stumbled into a Crown he never
Saw coming, a Crown he never thought he’d own.
Time has slid onward, and through the years his
Assurance in his People has only multiplied.  His
Reign has been long, and it will be longer still.
Sanctuary he has provided for many, but not without
Turbulent effect on his own Heart.  He is never on the
Outside, never above his People; You have called him to this,
Shining Gods, and You have Chosen Your Sovereign well.
Life is the thing he holds dearest, Life, Free Will, and Love.
Ending the day in the hushed light of sunset, You Gods of
Eternity watch Your Sovereign’s Creation, a World of
Peace and Hope in which Your Children dwell.

Watch the King

Watch the King as he walks
among the ash and rubble of
a burning world, only to make
a Home of a Kingdom long forgotten.

That was many years ago, so much has been
built since then.  Darkness is his Kingdom and
his pride, and hateful worlds hurled by those
who were once allies will not keep him from his Work.

Watch the King as he walks away,
the gates of Darkness close behind him.
Far Ones only know what spells he’s cast
to protect his People on this moonless night.

He will not lower himself to gossip, scorn,
and scandal; he has spread the truth, it is
time now to simply walk away, and to know
that behind him all cruel words will explode.

From Fire Darkness is Born (Devotional Acrostic Challenge)

The prompt for this week is Healing, Purifying, Kathartic Gods or Spirits

For the King of All Darkness

Fire burns bright in this world you have fallen into, on the
Run from those who threaten you with death.  This place is
Ominous, filled with monsters and ruin; yet Death is kind to you.
Many try and fail to enter this place; the Gallows Goddess is wary and
Far off Gods have the true final say here.  Yet you, fleeing Sovereign, are
Invited to stay.  Maybe even at the beginning They knew you would one day
Rule all of Darkness with grace and love, that many years later the
Enmity in your Heart for those who hate you would be gone.
Darkness is your Throne, and it took many years to build this place, the
Architecture of all your dreams made manifest; a place of life where justice
Reigns.  Even you are held to the standards of your Court and of the Far Ones;
Kings are servants, you tell me, Kings serve their People before all else.  You have
Never spoken of your Crown as power or prestige, but nor do you call it a burden.
Eternity is long, and you have held your Crown through silence, storms and
Shattering.  You have purified your Realm from hatred and evil, brought peace,
Salvation, and Love.  But you are never stagnant, you are always moving forward
In search of better ways to Rule, in how to help your People who love you.  Gentle
Sovereign with a will of Iron and a Heart that never gives in to hatred, teach me to
Become a better King, a better man, that I may approach you with joy, and see
Only pride reflected in your eyes.  May you know the Love of your People; may you
Reign long, Triumphant King who overcomes all adversaries.  May your wisdom
Never fail you, and may the Far Ones in the Distance bless you always.