The Beginning of the Royal Twins (Devotional December)

Darkness is not a place of brutality.  The goddess thinks this as she rises to her feet, her eyes lingering on the man who could be her exact opposite, they look so much alike.  They both have the same dark skin, long black hair, and burning yellow eyes.  But, she reflects, these features are common across the Otherworlds.

Her twin–and she had begun to think of him as such, though he was from a very different world than hers–rises to his feet as well, having collected, then cleaned, the arrows she had shot.  He passes them to her without a word, their hands briefly touching, before he picks up a bow and arrows of his own.

She wonders what he think of, as he draws his bow back; she knows a bit of his story, that he is on the run from those in his Father’s Court who would kill him.  But he is silent about his path to Darkness, and she knows that the Far Ones, and her ghosts, do not let anyone stay in these woods without a reason.


Devotional December for Darkness

The last two years, I’ve done a devotional writing project over the month of December.  Last night, I sat down at my shrine and asked if I should do it this year.

The Queen showed up, and we ended up talking about my depression and the emotional flashbbacks that I’ve been having.  She said that if I do this project again this year, to look at my motivations for doing so.  She suggested that I don’t do it with anyone specific in mind [last year I wrote for Winter’s Sovereign,] but more for Darkness overall, to writhe about the values and things I’ve learned.

I pulled out my general Darkness tarot, and it backed up what the Queen said.  Right now I’m learning towards doing the project, but I’m also giving myself permission to not need to write every day.