(A Dream of the Silent Prince)

I dream of antlers tucked to my back
and wake to an empty space in my bed–

why now, oh Prince?  It is not yet Summer
not yet time for your Transformation, for
your Descent, nowhere near time for your Rising–

this drop of information told me something I knew
was coming; much sooner than usual–it is not even Spring–

Please, Summer,
be peaceful
this year.

Silent is the Water (Devotional Acrostic Challenge)

The prompt for the week is Earth/Cave, Wilderness, Reclusive Gods or Spirits

For the Silent Prince

Slowly the last light of springtime fades,
Immortal, deathless Prince of Summer.
Linger in springtime’s steps, for your
Ending is soon to approach, Wandering god.
Never prayed to before your leaving, for only
Those from Eternity know your fate each Summer.
In debt to the very Land that has time and again
Sustained you in your darkest hours, you take up your
Trials in Sacrifice.  Distant Prince, draped in gold, your
History is entwined with the Land and with a Love that gives
Everything time and again.  The Underworld beckons, the
Wilderness swallows you, and the River is clear and still.
Anticipate not your next Sacrifice, Lord of Silence, but rather
Turn to Autumn and the beauty of Darkness.  There is still
Evening light to wander, from which the stars will shine.  From
Ruin life has come, and Darkness is ablaze with Light.

Descend (Devotional Acrostic Challenge)

The prompt is Dark, Khthonic, Underworld Gods or Spirits

For the Silent Prince.

Darkness is not lost, as you walk those hidden pathways
Every Summer you step down to see your Kingdom from below.
Silence falls in the Hearts of those who love you, as you
Cannot be found until Autumn.  Only the Far Ones know
Eternity, and your journey, Wanderer, is long.  It is Autumn,
Now, rest, be at peace, warm your hands by the fire I offer you.
Draped in white and gold, dream of better days, of brighter things.