A Prayer to the Underworld Lord

Writing this down here for my own notes, and to keep a record.

King of the Singing Halls,
guard of the Past and
guide in the Present

you who have walked dark Roads
hold up your Lantern, be my guide
whether in support or healing.

King of Shattered Conscious,
teach me patience and love, and
may I still find softness in my Heart.


A Poem About Godphones

There are concepts,
flowing in an instant.

From–cookies, to wells,
to teeth, to¬†you–to your terror,
and your falling, and your being
bound to follow the King

down whatever dark Roads
he may walk in search of
Salvation, Justice, and Honor,
but mostly in search of Love.

In a blink the knowledge has faded,
everything, and nothing has changed.