Growth (Devotional December)

Going forward into the future, leaving the
rotting floorboards of old foundations behind.
Once searching through the past, now watching
withered flowers as they crumble to use.  It is
time to grow beyond what once was, to see the
new heights that can be found within the stars.


Loyalty (Devotional December)

I got behind due to holiday travels.  I’m back now, and will catch up on this.

Loyalty is to the stars
over which you Reign,
you Prince of All Darkness.
Ascend above your Father’s Throne,
lay your path in shining lights
til your Home is made, Crowned in
your stars held together by frost.

Companionship (Devotional December)

Contrary to what
others may find, the
middle of space is not a
place of loneliness; it is
a vast dimension unto itself, a
new path to walk, one that is
in many ways beyond the dreams
of paths your Father first had for you.
Not that he defined you (nor do the others)
simply that your path took him by surprise.
He still looked at you with pride as you stepped
into the vastness of the Sea beyond the Stars, as your
path took you beyond those who were your first companions.

Understanding (Devotional December)

Under the starlight skies, so
near the space where your Father
died defending you, you find only
endless questions.  What was the
reason for this tragedy?  Do not
say it was for a second chance, that
total shot in the dark that has been
alienated by hatred even deeper than
nothing before experience by you.  Those final
damning words, all those secrets thought
imprisoned in the past, now torn into day for
numberless crowds to see.  There is no empathy
going forward, only acceptance of tragedy, and grief.

Transformation (Devotional December)

Towards the Future Darkness will always
rise, from gas lamps to glittering city lights;
and you are the Prince of it all.  Embracing
nearing times of peace, from Spring to endlessly
shining Winter.  The Future rushes forward from
flowing fountains of the Past, and the Present marches
onward through the teeming cities.  There is nothing here in
ruins, your Father has made certain of that.  This Kingdom
means safety and sanctuary for many, and you are becoming part of
another chapter in the history of this Realm.  Transformation is beyond
the Past, it is a continuing force even now.  To stagnate is to not grow, it
is a terrible fate to befall a Kingdom (your Father taught you this) so ever
onward you journey.  Your Love has taken you beyond this one Kingdom,
now is the time to embrace the blinding light of the Winter time stars.