Art Adventures Begin, And A Realization

Today I bought a sketchbook and some colored pencils, because I’ve been wanting to get back into art after not having drawn anything for several years.

Then I remember that the Dreamer is an artist, and that he’s been gently encouraging me to get back into art and drawing for a while now.  Not for any sort of devotional activity, just that he thinks I’d enjoy it.  It makes me happy, that he’s encouraging my hobbies simply as things I enjoy doing.

That’s something that I’ve been noticing lately, that my Beloveds are encouraging my independence and balancing my “everyday” and spiritual life.  They’re helping me separate the “mundane” and spiritual, rather than bringing them closer together.  I’m going to have to sit with that realization for a bit, but it reminds me of the Madman’s comment about faith that ebbs and flows.


Bullet Points on 2016

I figured I’d do a bullet point review of the last year.

Spiritual life stuff:

  • My spiritual life completely fell to pieces
    • That was actually the cause of me starting this blog and deleting my old one (everything there just felt too private and raw, though I did repost some old poetry here)
  • Everything got flipped around and rearranged, and I’m now dealing with an entirely different Pantheon than I was at the start of the year
    • The gods I talk about here are immediate Family, there are more than the four I talk about on here (the others are more concerned with the Otherworld, and are more Allies than Family.)
    • There’s a group of monster spirits who are also Family, but I don’t talk about them much, since they’re intensely private People
  • I have a new Beloved, who’s my platonic Partner
    • I literally did not expect that relationship to happen
    • Neither did the Dreamer (my Husband)
    • We had our handfasting in October
    • This relationship is turning into way more of a triad than any of us really expected
  • I’ve started looking into theistic Satanism and a little bit into demonolatry
    • Himself-as-the-Devil started all of this
    • Right now I’m still looking around and exploring, I don’t know if I’ll write about it more on this blog or not
    • The Dreamer says that even if it’s not something I do long term, I at least studied and learned something new, and that’s always a good thing

Mundane stuff:

  • I went back to college
    • I enjoyed all my classes and got really awesome grades
    • I found out that I actually love math???
  • I’ve started coming out as trans
    • It’s a very slow process right now
    • People so far have been accepting, which I’m all !!!! about right now
    • I’m starting to get called “sir,” and it feels amazing when it happens
    • I alternate between “yes this is making me happy” and “holy shit this is SCARY”
  • That fantasy story I’ve talked about writing?
    • I finished it
    • It’s like 25,000 words
    • I am so incredibly proud of myself