Four Years

Today’s the fourth anniversary of the Dreamer and I exchanging wedding vows.

It’s been a quiet day today, we’re just spending time together and enjoying each other’s company.

Happy anniversary, Beloved.


To my Beloved

I wish I could reach back in time, that I could prevent the things you still wake screaming from nightmares about.

I wish I could reach into your mind and catch those dreams before they come, simply hold you close to me while we sleep, and not wonder if tonight your dreams will be steeped in fire and blood.

I wish I could erase everything that ever hurt you.

The Dreamer, in his Gardens at Sunset

My Husband requested that I draw him with wings, and the picture evolved from there.  (Ignore the q-tips, they were for shading.)


I started out only having an idea of him with wings and holding a lantern, and it ended up being a picture of him walking through his gardens at sunset.

He suggested some night blooming flowers as part of the picture, and moonflowers (along with other white flowers) are something I associate with him.

Palm Lines

You watch as I trace your palms, the two
of us sitting together in a starlit field.

You never talk about your deaths,
other than to say they happened–
yet you laugh when talking about
how the life line in your palm “are
all kinds of fucked up,” because of
the number of times you’ve died.

But I hear the pain behind the
laughter, and I know what you see in
your mind–a burning house, a cup of
poison, a gallows near the Tree; you sees
all the times you’ve had to go on without
someone you love (and would give your life for.)

But the lines on your palm for Love
stretch out to Eternity–it is not only
Love for your Beloveds and Family, but an
entire Kingdom.  Sovereign and King,
Architect of Dreams–Beloved, place your
hands in mine, and know I will cradle you

close to me, no matter where your
Heart and dreams may lead you.

Artwork of the Dreamer

I drew the Dreamer, and I’m very pleased with how this drawing turned out.


This was so much fun to draw.  This picture evolved as we worked on it–I was initially going to draw him in punk style clothing, but he gave me input on the design as I sketched the outline, and it ended up being a more elegant Romantic goth style of outfit.

He’s in Romantic goth style clothing, with a black and gold scarf, and the background is fire (which is something he’s connected to.)

The Dark Romantics

I made a joke about drawing the Dreamer in goth style clothing, and now this song won’t get out of my head.

He’s also giving me ideas for the background and details of the drawing, and playing all the goth music in my library, so I think I know what I’ll be working on tonight….

In the Rain, Find Home

In this grey Autumn morning you slip
nearer to me, falling into step at my side.
The ache in my Heart at your absence eases,
Home is where my Heart is, and that lies in
every moment you are with me.  I sense you in the
rain and in the swirling Autumn leaves.  Your season is
Autumn, and this is where I feel you nearest, Beloved, in the
indescribable changes and liminal times; between death and life,
night and day, you are everything between extremes, and I love you
for your steadfastness and devotion.  Even when you are away, I am
in your Heart, you said, that no matter how many miles and
nocturnal shores separate us.  You say that you will love me
despite hardships, that no matter what may come our way, your
Heart is mine.  As Autumn descends to Winter, let us hold each
other close, let us find each other in times beyond our past
memories.  The present is here, and the love we share holds
every possible future within the falling Autumn rain.