FO Friday: 10 Stitch Placemat

This project began as a blanket [link], but I recently rediscovered it in my knitting bag, where it had been languishing.

I bound it off yesterday, and decided it could function as a placemat for my morning coffee instead of being the blanket it was originally intended to be. The main reason I bound it off was that this wasn’t the mindless project I was hoping for.

Sure, it was quick having to knit only 10 stitches in each row, but having to stitch together every other row took more concentration than I first thought it would. I did learn how to do mitered corners for this, which was easy-ish once I got the hang of it. It did take more time to make the corners than I thought it would.

This was still a nice, quick project, even if it didn’t turn out the way I initially expected it to.

WIP Wednesday: Apocalypse Blanket

My 10 Stitch Blanket is continuing to grow. I call it (only half jokingly) the Apocalypse Blanket, it’s really soothing to work on, and is helping my mental health a lot these days. I’m also in love with gradient yarns, and the slow color change in this (from green to black) is very satisfying to watch.

The joins aren’t the neatest thing in the world, but I’m happy it’s teaching me how to join work like this. I’ve also learned how to do mitered corners, which I’ve found are best done in one sitting, rather than stopping in the middle.

Fade Shawls *Without* Lace?

I’m typing this on my phone, will add pattern links later.

Links have been added!

I bought a kit for the Find Your Fade shawl [link] (which is 7 full skeins of fingering weight yarn,) but found out that the lace and asymmetrical set up makes my brain explode.

To be honest, the thought of knitting anything complex and/or lace at all makes me want to cry?

Uh, typing that makes me realize The Virus is getting to me.

So, any of my knitting followers have any suggestions for a faded/gradient shawl that doesn’t have lace or cables?

WIP Wednesday: Staying Sane Blanket

TW of mention of The Virus, if you’re like me and fucking sick of it being everywhere. Also I curse more than usual in this post.

I had a panic related meltdown the other day, and decided that fuck this, I’m knitting a blanket. I’d already started one [link], but it had Magical Significance, and I (in the middle of my meltdown) told my Spouse that I do not have the energy for more magic. He gave me a hug, suggested I find a different pattern, and make one just for me out of the green/black yarn.

It’s a 10 Stitch Blanket [link] and so far the corners make my brain hurt. I can see that I *have* knitted a full corner, and another half corner, but tbh it’s hard to see I’m making progress until I look at it from a distance and see that I have a rectangle now.

So I started that in order to stay sane, hopefully it’ll help?

WIP Wednesday, Blankets!

Progress is being made on the blankets!

Yes, blankets plural, because I started another one out of the yarn that was originally going to be a loom blanket [link]. I found the loom to be too big to use comfortably, at least for a blanket–and I think I picked too ambitious a first project for a new knitting technique.


It’s tiny, but this is the one I just started.  It’s knit on the bias without a pattern, because I couldn’t find a pattern that I liked.

It’s a color changing yarn, green and black.  The lighting in my picture isn’t the best, but there *is* some green in there.




And here’s the one I’ve been working on since June of last year.


I’ve made fairly steady progress on it, which is really helping a lot.  I try and do at least two rows a day, that way I can keep the momentum going as to getting this done.

I have learned something–next time I made a blanket that’s multi-colored like this, to plan out the stripes and colors so I have enough.  This is a stash-busting project, and I ran out of the pale pink.  Oops.  But it’ll be warm regardless, so I’m happy with it.

I Finished the Socks!

I finished my first pair of socks this morning!  I did the bind off, weaving in ends, and sewed up an accidental yarn over hole.  I think this is the quickest I’ve done a single project, though the second sock took longer just because I didn’t want to knit the same thing again after finishing the first one.

88217544_824412874704050_7598438266252514940_nThe second one went faster than the first, especially the heel turn.  I loved the pattern I used, and will be using it again.

I think next time I knit socks, I’m knitting them two at once, rather than one at a time.

FO Friday, I Have A Sock!

It’s not the prettiest sock in the world, it’s a bit big, and it’s closer to a slipper than a sock, but I finished it this morning!


This was an experience of a knitting project.  I think I got an adrenaline rush turning the heel, that was the scariest part of the whole project.  I ended up using the Fish Lips Kiss heel [link] because it didn’t require picking up stitches, and no changing stitch count.

I’m super excited that I have a sock that I made by hand!  Now I have to knit the second one, I can see why Second Sock Syndrome is a thing in the knitting community.