WIP Wednesday, Socks!

I decided to take a break from my giant blanket, and try my hand at knitting socks. I wanted a quick project, as well as a break from all the the pink yarn I’ve been knitting with.


I’m using this pattern [link] which is written with beginner sock knitters in mind.  I ended up having to teach myself a new cast on, because I could not figure out the one that was recommended.

The hard part of this project has been knitting in a round this small.  I’ve knit in the round before, but that’s always been 100+ stitches, not 38.  I do like how fast this project is going, but it’s an adjustment for sure.  It’s also really stretching my knitting skills, which is another goal of mine.


WIP Wednesday, Blanket Progress

I’ve been making steady progress on my blanket!


I’m trying to do at least two rows a day, sometimes more.  I’ve found that this project is great for knitting while watching TV or listening to music.

I sat down last night and wove in the ends.  I’m glad I did that ahead of time, rather than leaving it to the very end.  I’ve also gotten much better at weaving in ends, since I have a set of needles that are meant to be used specifically for that.

I’m not sure how wide I want to make the blanket, but I’m hoping I soon get to the point that I can turn my work, and move to the phase of making it longer instead of wider.

WIP Wednesday, Blankets!

I want to keep up with doing knitting related posts on this blog, because they help me see that I *have* made progress on my projects over time.

This blanket is a piece I’ve been working on off and on since June. It’s based on this pattern [Ravelry link], though I’m using Red Heart yarn in aran weight, rather than sock yarn. It’s not the softest yarn I’ve worked with, but I plan on this blanket getting a lot of use, and I can easily wash this if I spill something on it.

The edges aren’t the smoothest things I’ve ever knitted, but I’m really pleased with the color changes, and my ability to carry three strands of yarn up a blanket. I’m still working out how I want to do the stripes, as you can see I’m mostly choosing the colors with no pattern in mind.

My loom blanket, on the other hand, ended up getting frogged. I’d had to restart the project three different times, and even when I’d added a border, the blanket kept curling. I think I also picked too ambitious a first project on a loom, so I think I’ll make a hat or something else small like that, rather than another big project.

WIP Wednesday, Back to With Ease

Happy New Year everyone! I spent my New Year’s Eve knitting and hanging out with my family, also watching cooking show reruns (which make great background for knitting.)

I stared this shawl back in August [link] but put it down to get some gift related knitting done in time. Now that the holidays are done, I can get back to working on this.

I’d forgotten just how nice this yarn is to work with. I don’t work with silk blend yarn very often, and it not only feels amazing in my hands, but it makes harder stitches (like s1k2p decreases) easier because of how it glides off the needles.

Right now I have three repeats of this shawl done, and I’m really happy with how it’s turning out.

FO Friday, Christmas Scarf

I’ve been working on this for several months now, and I got it done in time for Christmas! It’s a gift for a family member, and I’m so glad that I got it done in time.

My phone didn’t take a very good picture, the yarn is a much darker green than it looks. I think the glitter reflected and made the picture look much lighter than it really is.

The pattern is a simple 2×2 rib stitch, done on size 10 needles.

WIP Wednesday, First Section Done

I’m quickly making progress on my current project [link.] I finished the first pattern repeat yesterday, and you can see that the lace is starting to come together already. It’s going to need to be blocked when I’m done, but I love how it’s looking already.

I think I’m in love with both this pattern and the yarn. If the Gentle Armour collection was still available in book form, I’d be purchasing the book–and I never buy full pattern books, only individual patterns.

I think this is the clearest written lace pattern I’ve read so far in my journey to attempt lace. I can clearly understand how it’s set up, and the 20 row repeat is both soothing to work on, yet complex enough that it holds my interest.

With Ease in Lilac

Remember how I said I’m not a lace knitter?

I went to the yarn store yesterday to buy some stitch markers, looked around at yarn, and this beautiful lilac Cascade Vienzia yarn [link] caught my eye. I’ve worked with Cascade yarns before, and they’ve always been wonderful to work with, though I’ve never worked with their silk yarns.

It feels wonderful in my hands (it’s a blend of merino and silk) and the worsted weight makes it easy to see my work. I tend to work in DK weight or heavier yarns because of my vision problems, trying to work with fingering weight yarns has always led to me ripping projects apart in frustration. The stitch definition of this yarn is wonderful, and the yarn is very easy to knit with.

I’ve had my eye on the Gentle Armour collection [link] for a while now, and when I got home I pulled up Ravelry to see what I had in my library that I could make with 600 yards of worsted weight yarn (yes, I bought yarn without a project in mind.) I ended up purchasing the pattern for With Ease [link], because it looked like it would be a way to stretch my knitting skills, but not so frustrating I hated it.

I’m just getting into the first section, and so far it’s both a fun and challenging knit. I do have to look at the instructions (I can’t read lace charts to save my life) and I’ve had to look up what an sk2p decrease was. However, I’d found that having a lot of stitch markers help, so I mark every repeat of the pattern, and that’s making it much easier.

WIP Wednesday, Knitting Progress Report

Currently, I’ve got three projects going, two on needles and one on my loom.

I have a blanket I’m working on for my Otherworld Family, knit using this pattern [link] but in aran weight yarn.  I’m enjoying it so far, though I misread the instructions and turned my work too soon, so had to rip pack a few rows.  I’m really proud of myself for picking up all the stitches without too many errors, and not panicking at the accidental yarn over.

My other needle project goes to therapy with me, so it’s a simple, lightweight scarf/shawl that’s easy to work on while I talk.

My knitting loom blanket has been in hibernation for a while now.  Sometimes I want the ease of needles, other times I want the fastness of the loom.  Right now the loom feels bulky to handle, but I know I should get back to it, if I want the project to grow to the point that it really looks like a blanket.

Cabling Help?

This project is supposed to be the honeycomb stitch, instead I’m getting something that has a braided look, like this (which looks cool, but isn’t what I want.)


The pattern calls for k5 *c2f, c2b* k5 on the knit rows, and then purling on the WS rows (row 3 is c2b c2f).  I’m knitting the border, cabling 2 in front, knitting two stitches, then cabling 2 in back, and knitting two more stitches.  I feel like I’ve got how to use the cable needle down, but the honeycomb stitch is eluding me.

Anyone have any idea what I’m doing wrong, if anything?