*squinting at his path intensifies*

The Queen–the Dreamer’s twin sister–has been in my life for a few years now, though I wouldn’t say we’re nearly as close as I am to her twin.  I’ve dealt with her spirits, the Mothers of Sorrow, and the Beasts of Outer Darkness, off an on for a few years as well.

Yesterday, I was writing out some ideas on a more structured practice, and the idea of a prayer to the Queen came up.  I did a reading with my People (the prayer was from them to her,) and they were more than happy to suggest I become her devotee.

I did a reading with the Dreamer, who gave me a few cards that said that my Officially becoming his twin sister’s devotee would be good for me, and possibly transformative.  The reading I just finished with the Queen backed up what her twin said, and that my being her devotee is much more about improving my life Here, rather than anything astral related.

It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten a nudge to become devoted to a deity, especially one I’ve known for years now.  She’s not asking for any oaths, just that I continue to care for myself and heal.


(Note To Myself)

I learned something today, and it means that part of my Otherworld woo has been confirmed as an Actual Royal Thing that happened, at least at one point in history.

It was weird enough when this happened when I worked with recorded deities.  Since working with unrecorded deities (and an unrecorded Realm) it throws me for a loop even more to have parts of my practice confirmed by actual history Here on earth.


Petals unfurling as Winter flowers bloom,
evening walks by the sea through sandstone streets;
a new dawn rises, all is quiet, there is no storm
coming for us.  Through the King, all is well,
even now we are learning to let go of fear.

Light Under the Eclipse

This is a recording of an astral event.

Together, we gather on the shore by the sea, unlit candles in our hands.  I light the first candle, turning to My Consort, telling him that we share our light.  He passes the flame to the next person, and the words “we share our light” flow through the crowd.

We watch as the moon turns red, the color of blood, of chaos left behind in the Two Lands.  Someone asks if we should pray against the gods they left behind in the Desert, and I say no, we’re safe here.  Their Eyes will never find us, for these People I now call Mine had been broken and discarded without any thoughts to healing.

My youngest sister comes up to Me, and I carefully scoop her up in My arms.  She passes the glowstick she carries to Jake, who smiles at her.  I think of how she has the greatest thing that Darkness can offer: a choice in her future.

We watch the moon as it shifts from blood, to the Light we all know so well.  There is quiet conversation as we return to our homes by the sea, and our Lights burn brightly under the eclipse.

Building A Structure in the Silence

I don’t know if I’d call what I’m in right now a fallow time, or if things are simply quiet in the spiritual and astral department.  I did make brownies as an offering for Winter’s Sovereign yesterday, both because it sounded good, and because there’s a winter storm in my area right now.  I got the impression that he liked the brownies I offered him, and it was nice to spend time with him after not seeing him for a while.

Despite not having a very “active” practice right now, I do stop by my shrine twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.  The reason why I do this is because my pill box with my medication has found a home on my shrine.  I’ve found myself saying hi to my gods and spirits when I stop by to grab my pills; sometimes I get a reply back, but lately it’s been quiet, with maybe an “I got your message” ping back from them.

I’ve been praying to my deity Beloveds at their shrine at the end of the day, just keeping them in the loop about my life.  Sometimes we talk across the distance between Realms, other times I get the sense that my words are going to their answering machine (for lack of a better word.)  Either way, talking to them is a nice way to end the day.  I’ve been wanting to write a formal prayer to say to them when they’re away on long stretches of business (like now) but haven’t come up with anything yet.

That’s where I’m at right now; things may be quiet, but I’m discovering a structure that words for me, even in the silence.

Nothing Major is Happening Right Now

Right now I’m at a point in my spiritual life where nothing major is going on, and for some reason I feel like writing about it.  It’s not a fallow time; my deity Beloveds are busy right now with work, and they both drop by to spend time with me when they can.  The spirits are quiet, and so are my People.

I pulled out my mental health deck, and did a quick tarot reading.  The reading indicated that this year is going to be a quiet one when it comes to astral drama and Otherworld shenanigans.  It said that I’ll still be celebrating holidays, and spending time with my Loved Ones, but it also cautioned me about excess worrying (especially worrying that a long period of quiet=shit’s about to hit the fan.)