Poetry (Newbie Devotee Challenge)

Day 13: Write a poem for your deity. Use you compiled list of information as inspiration. Give the poem to your deity as an offering.

Mushrooms exist in a state of decay,
and this, too, is a part of life.

That growth slowly rotting, the pain
in my Heart falling away, to bear
the clean bones of my suffering.

Mother Death, help me know
freedom and joy in Light.


For the Queen

The Mother of Darkness is Death,

she wraps you in her cloak of shadows
an anoints you with a Crown of Light

so you can begin your journey Home.

The Quiet of the Broken

For the Underworld Lord, a reflection through his eyes on current Otherworld events

They say no one
holds a grudge like gods.
Ending life after life, in
quiet ways the Dead are
used and discarded.
I stand against this,
even if it means
taking my daughter
out of the sight of the public,
for she has not yet chosen
to be Royalty.  I will never use
her as a bargaining chip in your
ever increasing damnation and
breaking of your subjects.  My
roses must be tended to with
only gentle hands, and I
know you are a god of the broken–
even though you do the breaking, and
nowhere in my Heart do I find that holy.

Mundane Life (A Month for the Dreamer)

My Beloved, you encourage me to lift
up the life that I have Here.  You do
not ask for sacrifices, or shatter my
dreams in order to bring me closer to you.
All you ask is that I love you, and that I strive
now towards the future, and live in the moment.
Even as flashbacks and paranoia seem to
linger in my mind, you hold me and remind me that
I am nothing but human Here, and you love me
for that.  I do not need to be more than I am to
earn your Love and affection.

Closing Centuries

For the King of All Darkness

Closing a chapter in your life,
laying destruction and grief to rest
on a silent Winter evening.  Your father’s
spirit slid silently away, shattered, to pick up
in the afterlife the pieces that were the sorrowful,
never joyful man he was.  I am sorry, Beloved.  His
ghost haunts us no longer, but you hold me as I
cry for who he once was.  Let this be the true
ending of our path with him, let us hear
no more twisted words about how Love will in
turn break our Hearts to sharp pieces of glass.
Using candles to show that we hold each other’s Light,
realizing that your father was finally fading away, moving
intently to whatever afterlife awaits him.  The silence of
endings broken only by the crackle of flames, now is time to
say good-bye to who he once was, and move forward to the future.