A Haiku

Why does every video game
need to have giant spiders, and
why the sewer levels?


Songs and Roses

You sing to me to leave my regrets
behind, in the shadows cast by
my past, and friends left behind.

The stained glass of your monastery
changes your silver robes to shimmering
rainbows, and you shine with Light, my love.

Your songs fill my dreams
with peace, and pale rose petals
unfurling, these are flowers of hope.

A Shared Dream of Blindness

My Love, you have no eyes now
and you lean on me for sight;
even in my own blindness,

I guide you through our home–
you know it perfectly well, but to
lose your sight again cuts deep.

Even in this dream state, I feel your
anguish at something so precious lost;
Blind King, you will see again when you wake.

Light of Home

Light plays across the puzzle you’re
working on, and you laugh as I tease you,
that you’re in Dracula cosplay mode.

This is a place where we are not Kings
we are simply Beloveds, and that is all
that matters, in this moment, this dream.

This is where we’re meant to be,
in the light of the library fire, and
our daughter asleep in our arms.

Being Human

What my soul is made of
no longer matters, not in
the scheme of my life Here.

I am human, and embracing that–
and embracing the disowning from
my soul’s original family, the secrecy

and lies of wealth I was trapped in, the
“greater good” that would have brought
my death–I find that I enjoy an ordinary life.


Petals unfurling as Winter flowers bloom,
evening walks by the sea through sandstone streets;
a new dawn rises, all is quiet, there is no storm
coming for us.  Through the King, all is well,
even now we are learning to let go of fear.

Red Like Blood

Remorse–at times I grieve you,
evenings when I’m alone, but your
dying on a cross left me with only
lingering horror.  I may have hated you
in the end, but you did not deserve that.
Kindness was what you tried to teach me,
except it came across as blunt force and
brutality in words.  Calculated or unplanned?
Lessons I learned from you, kindness and cruelty,
only you used sorrow as a lesson more than joy.
Opening my eyes to the cruelty of gods, you were the
doomed Scapegoat, and I grieve the web you were caught in.