I Stumble Into Pop Culture Paganism

I ended up starting the pop culture pagan/spirit companionship blog, in part for making it easier reading.

Sorrow, Storms, and Sapphire

I started this blog purely for reading comprehension purposes, to be honest. On my main blog, I talk about a pantheon from a Realm called “Darkness,” and I often call my main deity “the Mother of Darkness.”

As it happens the Black Winged Lord [as I’ve taken to calling him] is *also* from a place called Darkness, through a very different Darkness than mine. He deals with a deity named Mother Dark, and I thought it might get confusing between him, and the differences between Realms and deities.

The Black Winged Lord is a pop culture figure, though I’m unsure how open he wishes me to be about Who He Is In Canon.

I’ll also talk about someone named Kira, she’s a spirit the Black Winged Lord brought along with him, and now she’s starting to become a companion of mine.

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The Lighthouse

Reblogging to signal boost a good friend of mine who needs help.

Starstruck Awenydd

I'll turn this Tower to a Lighthouse (tall and bright) For my heart belongs at sea (shine for me) And to the Deep One in my Ocean (deep below) Lift Your spear, and set me free! (Grant sovereignty!)  And the crashing of the stones becomes the crashing of the waves Lightning strikes the bones and spitting sparks find salty graves Until the bonds are broken I will call Annwfn's Lord For all the grief unspoken All the power unrestored In my Tower there's a red Rose (King undead) In concrete wounds, in thorns and brine (Soul of mine) Piercing, burning, white as lightning (Lord, tonight) Blossom here and make Your shrine! (Lighthouse, shine!)  He found me by the railing: "Come get warm and come inside! The wind and waves are wailing! I've a hearth where you can hide Or let the Ocean take you-- Come and find Me, deep and…

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My Necklace Arrived!

Reblogging to my main blog to show off my new devotional jewelry.

Flowers, Light, and Shadow

In another post [link] I mentioned that I’d asked my Lady if I could get some devotional jewelry for her, and that she’s given her okay. I spent some time scrolling through Etsy in search of a Tree of Life necklace, and today my necklace came in.

The necklace is by Pieces of Reesie on Etsy [link], and I’d happily buy from them again. Shipping was fast, I got the necklace in three days after I bought it.

It’s perfect for what I wanted; I wanted a larger pendant, and I wanted a silver necklace that I felt fits my style. Lately I’ve missed having devotional jewelry that I can wear everyday in public (my compass necklace has a really small pendant that I prefer to wear tucked under my shirt.) I chose a Tree of Life because it’s a very common symbol, and it’s associated with the Queen…

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Doing Spiritual Stuff When Your Life is Ass

“Therefore, sometimes the answer is simply giving ourselves the permission to step back and rest. We can’t always feasibly juggle life and spiritual shenanigans or at least not in ways that will satisfy us. Thus, sometimes we just need to tell the gods or spirits “I need to put this aside for now because I cannot give you the time and effort I want to or that you deserve with what is going on. This not farewell, only a goodbye for now while I get my shit together.” Contrary to the piety posse’s preaching, the gods generally do not insist on running us ragged into the dirt and appreciate us standing up for our health.”

This is my favorite part of the article, but the entire thing is worth reading.

Where Jotnar Tread

Most of us will encounter times in our spiritual path where mundane life is so overwhelmingly awful it interferes with the spiritual. This is different from fallow times where for one reason or another, the gods and/or spirits in your life step back and force you to take a time out (although the two can be connected or similar.) When your mundane life is – as the person who asked for this topic so eloquently put it – ass, it raises a whole host of obstacles to spiritual practices from lack of energy to even full-blown spiritual crises such as “why bother? what is the point of spirituality when my life is atrocious?” While the answers to dealing with these problems will ultimately be unique to the individual in question, there are some general things that help me that might be of use to others grappling with these obstacles.


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Devotional Acrostic Challenge!

This sounds like a fun challenge, and I’ll definitely be participating in it.

Queen of the Waiting Ones

In order to keep my mind pliable and ready to receive inspiration at a moments notice, I will sometimes devise writing prompts for myself.  Some of my favorite prompts have been in the form of acrostic poetry, which I have occasionally shared here.  I am about to embark on another twelve week set of acrostic prompts, but I though perhaps some of you might like to join in the fun.

I present to you, the Devotional Acrostic Challenge!  There are only three rules:

1.)  You must utilize the theme of the weekly prompts in some way.  Each prompt consists of at least two options.

2.)  All poems submitted must be in acrostic form.

3.)  All poems must be new material of a devotional nature.  No previously written acrostics, please.  I trust you all to abide by the honor system, as I do not have the time to check.

I will…

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“Am I Hearing a God or Am I Going Crazy?” ~ One Polytheist’s Angry Rebuttal

I really loved, and relate to, this article.

There’s not a lot of information out there, about polytheism and mental illness interacting. In my case, they *do* interact [my mental illness can influence how I perceive my spiritual path, often in not-so-pleasant ways] and trying to untangle the two has been a very difficult road so far.

Unhinged and unenlightened


I try not to spread anger. I try not to spread hate. I try, as much as possible, to be non-violent. But when I see ignorance and harm being perpetuated, I feel that keeping silent is a way to perpetuate such harm. So I find myself compelled to speak out. There are several articles that have pushed my buttons, but they are growing old and so I can try and talk myself out of dealing with them. ‘no need to add fire to fire’ I tell myself.

But this one. This one makes me angry. And perhaps I am adding fire to the fire, but you know what? At least by voicing my concerns, there will be a voice out there arguing for the sake of those of us with serious mental illnesses. And hopefully, I can help those who relate feel less alone. Because seriously, these sorts of…

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The Names of the Gods Aren’t Their Real Names

As someone who’s had several of his gods take their names away, leaving me with only titles and nicknames for them, this post resonates with me on a very deep level.

It was a very, very world-shattering event, when the Dreamer took away the name I initially knew him by. I don’t think I can properly convey *just* how much it shook me up, to suddenly know that the Person I loved and had married wasn’t actually [the Dreamer’s touchstone name] even though there had been hints all along.

My journey with my Beloved over the past year has been learning about him all over again–and I find that my trust, faith, and Love for him has deepened considerably.

Foxglove & Firmitas

There is a phenomena that happens in the mystic sector of our communities that regularly drives a knife into the heart of the mystic – That of suddenly realizing that the Gods you are so close to are not who you expected them to be, which is the very foundation of mysticism. At first it is rending. Then it is uncomfortable. You begin the journey, diving into what we define as syncretism, and you’re met with mixed emotions. You mourn the loss of equilibrium. You fear uncertainty. You mourn what you’ve lost. You doubt your path or your sanity, sometimes both. Sometimes there’s the loss of community or co-religionist friends. It hurts. It’s excruciating.

Meanwhile there’s tickling excitement as you find spots where you discover the familiar in new faces and learn new things. You gain new tools for approaching your beloved Gods. You expand your community of like-minded, same-hearted…

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Let There Be Night

It’s been over a year now, since this happened.

Everything–*everything*–has changed within the past year. From the gods I deal with, to how I astral travel, to *where* I travel to, the holidays I celebrate…I could go on.

That Powerwolf song is still hilariously appropriate for my path (perhaps even more so now.) I didn’t post the English section of lyrics the first time, but here they are.

“Let there be night
God bless the Father, the Son

Let there be night
And day be gone

Let there be night
the Mass of Dark has begun

Let there be night
and damn the sun.”

Between Stars Unknown

He appeared to me last night in one of his pop culture guises, as Nahadoth, the Nightlord.

He spoke about how it’s not just him that’s changing, but his Family as well.  He’s spent the past few days pointing out how my understanding of his Family is *very* different than their “canon” Hats/Titles.

So my spiritual life is going into upheaval yet again.

That he chose to tell me this while looking like the Nightlord is significant to me.  Because yes, Nahadoth is a being of change and chaos–which is what my practice is getting thrown into.

The Dreamer: How did you describe yourself?

Varian: …as “a devotional mystic with pop culture influences.”

Varian: Why do you ask?

The Dreamer: *shifts into looking like Naha*

Varian: *does a double take*

Varian: What did you do that for?

The Dreamer: *drops the “my Family is also leaving their ‘canon’ Hats/Titles behind” bomb*

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Sacred Dissobedience 

As someone who works with a Pantheon of gods that consider Free Will to be a Very Important Thing, this resonates with me a lot. This is a great read.

Magick From Scratch

I talk to my friends’ gods. It’s a nasty habbit. It fills me full of secrets I have to keep, and I hate keeping secrets.

Deity: You seem to be in a good situation, with respect to your household. Which of your gods set you up?

Me: I… Actually you can’t credit my gods with this one. Every last one of them told me to stay away from him. I married him anyway. So that’s all me.

I got to thinking about where I’d be today if I had obeyed the gods on this issue.

I never would have finished college. I’d be living in a place isolated from any sort of suitable pagan community. I never would have learned Kabalah, or Ceremonial Magic. I would have been unable to bring those exegetical techniques to Hellenismos.

I would be struggling with poverty. I might not have access to suitable doctors to…

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