Varian Rambles About The Devil

Please don’t get something covered in too much glitter,” he said.

I turned the black candle over in my hands, studying the amount of glitter this one had on it compared to the others.  This had been why he’d led me to the craft store.  A single black candle, a small step forward.

“This one’s not so bad,” I said.

“Get that one then.  I’d prefer a plain one, but this will do.”

One of the Faces my Husband sometimes wears is that of the Devil.  He’s been appearing to me like this for several month, but now is the time he’s asking me to really focus on this particular Face of his.

“What does this mean,” I asked him.

“What does it mean to you?” was his response.

Himself-as-the-Devil feels ancient, but young at the same time.  This is the Devil as connected to Traditional Witchcraft, though witchcraft isn’t something I lean towards (maybe I should look into it?).  It’s also connected to his Fae King Face, though he says the two Faces are more reflections of one another–what I learn about the Devil, I learn about the Fae King, and vice versa.

The thing that surprised me was that I expected him to be super serious–he’s appearing to me as the Devil, he should be serious, right?

Nope.  He’s the least serious I’ve ever seen him.  I never though I would type “the Devil keeps flirting with me,” and have it apply to my life.

One thing I remembered, when he first started appearing as the Devil, is that he said that I’d be seeing this Face for at least a year.  Not all the time, but it would be something we’d focus on.

I keep feeling like there’s something more needed in my practice, but I’m not sure what.  That was when the Devil related symbolism started popping up again.  I’d wondered *how* to incorporate Himself-as-the-Devil into my practice, so I asked him.

“It’s a private Face,” he said.  “What it means is up to you.”

I’ve told him that I find this to be hilarious in a very bitter way–I grew up in a pretty heavily fundamentalist Christian community, and Himself-as-the-Devil has brought the remainder of that old baggage (that I thought I’d gotten rid of) rushing to the surface.  (It’s not something he intended to do, but it’s just something that happened.)  Fortunately I’ve found that I can just roll my eyes at that anxiety and tell it to go away, and sometimes that actually works.

One thing he’s talked about, is that Him-as-the-Devil isn’t connected to any of my astral stuff.  It has no connections to his Kingdom or Family–it’s something that’s personal to the two of us.  It’s kind of connected to his Autumn Lord Face, but that’s another personal Face of his.

I’d grabbed coffee in between classes, and the Dreamer sat down next to me, shifting into looking like the Devil.

“When I talk about being the Devil being Lord of ‘this’ world,” he said, “I don’t mean this astral space you see in your mind.  I mean the world you live in, as well.  Like this,” he nodded to the coffee I’d gotten, “could be considered an offering to me, even if you didn’t offer it.  It’s very much about enjoying the life you have here.”

That’s something the tarot readings I’ve been doing lately have been talking about–that right now I’m to focus on myself, my Husband, and our marriage.  I think that’s where Himself-as-the-Devil comes into play, at least somewhat.He said that it’s something I’ll learn about as I go, as I explore this Face of him more.

I set the black candle up in my room, opposite of the marriage shrine (I only realized I did this after I’d done so, it wasn’t intentional.)

I’m actually excited about this new turn my practice has taken.  It feels like something that should be there, and that makes me happy.