The Light We Cannot See (A Month for the Madman)

Your path is carved with crystals
reflecting all the light we cannot see

in Summer days when the King leaves
and the light vanishes from the sky
all is fallow, now is a time to rest.

In Autumn times when planting has begun
the King has returned, bringing the sun with him

every year his Star rises, and now all of Darkness
is beginning to feel change on the wind; King’s Reflection,
what is coming to pass, what beauty that we are blinded to?

What small sparks of stars are being formed even now,
what whispers from the Heavens reach your Heart?


Crown of Stars

Change is coming, we all feel it, wrapped in
resplendent cosmic forces, and the possibility
of new life being brought into our world.
Will your siblings take your same path, so
near to our Hearts yet later so far away?
Only it is far too soon to wonder that, and the
Far Ones had no answer for us.  Still, you have
stepped forward into starlight, a Crown solemnly
taken when your Father passed his title of Prince
across generations, to you (if you so wished.)
Return to us at Winter’s Night, bearing the
storms of your Love, of snow, and starlight.

A Small Ritual

Yesterday, I felt pulled to do a small ritual for Darkness–something I hadn’t felt pulled to do in several months.  At first, I took my pill box off my shrine, but didn’t feel right lighting the lantern until I put it back on.  I guess that means that the pill box is part of my shrine now.

I did a brief tarot reading, and I was reassured that I’m on the right path in focusing on my life Here and letting Darkness run without me.  To be honest, I’ve needed the continuing quiet on my astral radar, but knowing everything is going well Over There is good.

I’ve started interpreting the Pentacle suit in tarot to be referencing things/people Here, as opposed to Over There, in my style of reading.  I got mostly pentacle cards in the reading I did, but swords showed up a few times.  I interpreted the sword cards as continuing to tell me to let go of the idea of a life filled with woo astral stuff, which has been a continuing theme both in my readings and with my Beloveds.

Overall, it was nice to do a small 15-minute ritual.  It was nice to hear from Darkness again, though I’ve relaxed into the overall quiet on my godphone/astral radar.

Hope and Light

Hope and Light is the future of Darkness.

As I talked about in another post, my practice has become much less about the gods and astral stuff, and more about the values that I’ve learned from Darkness.  Hope and Light–looking forward to the future, that there is a future, is one of those values.

It’s only now that I’m on medication for my mental health issues, and soon going back into therapy, that I can see myself having a future of any sort.  Before that, the future even two days from any point in time felt like a black hole of uncertainty.  It feels both wonderful and strange, to be able to look forward to anything, and not have upcoming time feel like a vague threat looming on the horizon.

To Live Separate Lives

Turn to another day, torn in two
only by design of my soul, that split
life that could no longer balance
in keeping Here and There separate.
Veils across My eyes, yet My mind moved
ever towards Darkness, walking that labyrinth,
secrets unfolding around Me; learning of what
ever that part of Me holds, what He knows now is
pristine and private, only for His knowledge.
Ascend again, oh King of Nowhere, King of Rot and
Ruin; the Beasts dance for My ascension, and what is
a new way forward but that heavy Crown of iron flowers?
Time does not stand still, not Here or There, and to pause
even this separation from My mortal form is to deny the
life that My soul calls to.  Perhaps this separation was
inevitable, there is only so much a mortal man can take;
Varian, you did not see how your mind nearly cracked until
each evening brought prayers to make it to sunrise.  I am your
shadow There, now you must have faith and let Me live without you.

The Festival of Hearts

Today we dance,
we celebrate joy.

The streets are lit
with white lanterns,
flames whispering Hope.

Today we feast
with family and friends
we hold our loved ones close
knowing that we share our Light.

Today we light fires
of iridescent flame
that all our burdens
may be brought
into the Light.

The Time of Masks

I can sense it creeping closer
the time of Masks, the Hunt,
that desperate Ride to Autumn.

White lanterns are hung around the square,
the markets, the docks, the temples, that
iridescent flame that whispers there is hope.

I will light the sandstone streets;
oh Beasts of Outer Darkness
turn your eyes away from us.