Soul (Devotional December)

Son of the King and the Underworld Lord, son
of both Life and Death, reach for your dreams
until the stars rain down.  Winter in Darkness is
light unending, it is the time for your soul to shine.


Light (Devotional December)

Once he was simply the light in his Fathers’ eyes, adopted into their Home and Hearts because they wanted to raise a child together.  It had nothing to do with Darkness needing a Prince (the King, after all, had several brothers) and everything to do with Love and Family.

He was never pressured to follow in the path of Royalty others would have laid out for him, but instead followed his own path.  When he reached for the stars, the stars reached back, drawing him to the place he now calls Home.

He is light like distant stars; stepping up, and spiraling out, into the unknown future of who he will become.

Forgiveness (Devotional December)

Our Family should have never been torn apart,
and your Heart should have never been broken
by losing your Father to conspiracy and greed.

Even with claims of “destiny” and the “greater good,”
(which you saw right through, it was far too late to regret)
I wish I’d never heard you scream in rage at learning of
your Father’s deepest secrets being torn into the light.

There is no forgiveness for those
who handed me a cup of poison, and
made your eyes turn black with grief.

Beginning (Devotional December)

What comes to mind, when I think of this god and beginnings, is a mental image of his Father carrying him through the snow (which I recently wrote a poem about.)  This isn’t where his association with Winter comes from, nor is it the way he ended up having two powerful gods as his parents; he was adopted by them well before that event.  But that’s where the thought of beginnings points me to.

That’s the beginning of what I know of him, when it comes to legends and stories.  I know there are others, much happier stories than that (and that he, like my other gods, is much more than just his myths,) but for whatever reason that’s the first one I was told.