A Living Lantern (or, Varian has Started Playing No Man’s Sky)

I’ve been on a space themed video game kick lately (partly thanks to Winter’s Sovereign,) and I recently began playing No Man’s Sky (got it during the Steam Halloween sale.)  So far I’m loving it, though the controls are taking some getting used to.

living lantern dude
My character, standing by his ship.

I’m playing the game in Creative mode, which is the easiest mode in the game, where the grinding for supplies part is taken away.  I tried Normal mode, and then I died due to the cold (it dumped me on a frozen planet) so I switched back to my Creative mode save.  I’m stuck in a galaxy of desert planets right now, so my goal is to get out that galaxy, and to a better one.

I made it to the character creation screen last night, and that screenshot is the result.  I made my character a Traveler, since that matches the lore of him needing to learn the native language, and I just think the glowing light-bulb head is awesome looking.

As I was designing my character, the Dreamer (who was watching me play) commented that the character’s head being a glowing ball of light could make him a living Lantern.  Since Lanterns are Important to Darkness, I of course put him in all black, since Light/Darkness is a dichotomy that shows up a lot in my path.

My character doesn’t have much of a backstory yet, but I’m sure I’ll come up with one as I play the game.  Right now he’s still in the space station, but he has some photography related missions to work on, which I’m excited about.


Exploring the Stars

A few days ago, I was browsing Steam, since I’d gotten an email that they had a major sale going on.  All I was doing was looking for a space themed game that wasn’t centered around combat, and this one happened to be on sale.

When I bought the game, the Dreamer commented that our son would probably love it–he’s very heavily associated with space and the stars, and we’ll often play video games together.

I have invited [Winter’s Sovereign] to join me while I play Stellaris, but playing this game isn’t a devotional act to him.  It’s just a game I find fun…but playing Stellaris and exploring space, I’m beginning to see why he fell in love with the stars.