Unrecorded Deity Bingo

[ID: a bingo board with the heading “Unrecorded Deity Devotee Bingo.  The text is black on a white background, with a red border.

Research only brings up recorded gods

What does that symbol mean?

I know this means something, but what?

A list of deities that are close, but not *quite* right

Free space

“My name is [static noise]”

Other people: “No, that’s definitely [recorded god]”

Otherworld history lessons at one simple question

Traits that align with [very popular recorded god]

/end ID]

What. Is. My. Life? (Pop Culture Paganism Edition)

In late May, the Dreamer left, as he does every Summer. As my close friends know, his leaving hit me much harder than it usually does.

Then I had a dream involving a woman named Kira–but it felt more like an astral experience, than a dream. I made a note of it, but brushed it off otherwise.

Then I finished a book in a particular fantasy series.

I was chatting with my friends about the books, when I felt a *heavy* sense of Presence. One of the Ascendants (from the series) promptly sat down on my couch, put his feet up on my table, and waited for me to notice him.

Considering that it was the Black Winged Lord, I noticed him pretty quickly. He radiated power, fierceness, and cold.

“Oh.” I stared at him a moment, dying inside of embarrassment of all the times I’d call him hot. I’d joked about my crush on his character, and now he was sitting in my living room.

To my surprise, after giving him some coffee as an offering, he introduced (re-introduced?) me to Kira, and left.

It’s been A Ride for the past week–I’m waiting on some outside divination to come back, but I did go ahead and start a blog [link] for pop culture pagan stuff.

My Husband and his Puns

Varian: I should do that tarot reading to see what’s ahead this year.

the Madman: You could say you’ll have…2020 vision.

V: *slowly facepalms*

V: You’re going to make *so many* bad eyesight puns this year, aren’t you?

tM: Dear, would you expect any less from me?

That’s…A Lot of Coffee

So as I wrote about in my last post, I promised the Queen some fancy coffee, in exchange for her helping me through this final week at my job at call center hell.

Except…I think I overestimated how much coffee is in a pound of coffee.

It’s chocolate flavored, which surprised me that she selected that one. It is just sweet enough that I can tolerate drinking it black (which is how she likes her coffee, and I eat my offerings of food) though I think it tastes better with at least some milk and sugar in it.

I explained to her that I overestimated how much coffee there would be, and could it be expanded to be offerings for the Royal Family, instead of just her? She said that was fine, so it’s now my morning coffee offering for my deity Beloveds, as well as being for her.

I sent that picture to a friend of mine, who laughed and said “it looks like you’ll be working with her for a while.”

My Life Right Now

I also posted this over at my blog for the Queen [link.]

Me, before I became a polytheist: I’ve always been drawn to death related stuff, but have never explored it. I kind of want to, but it’s scary.

Me now, praying to Death: *slides a cup of black coffee her way* Okay Mom, idk why you like this stuff with no flavor, but help me get through this next week of my job, and I’ll buy you some special bitter bean juice of your choice.


And upon promising her some special coffee of her choice for helping me get through my final week of my call center job from hell, her twin’s response was a blend of horror and laughter. He knows just how bitter she likes her coffee.

What Is My Life (Beloveds and Christmas Music Edition)

The subject of Christmas music came up today….

Jake: Do you have the Becoming the Archetype version of “O Holy Night”?  It’s awesome.

Varian: Yeah, I’ve got it…Jake?

Jake: Yeah?

Varian: First of all, you’re not from Here. Second, you’re a monk in a completely different religion, I literally had to explain the Christ myth cycles to you–how do you know a Christmas song, let alone a particular death metal band’s version of it????

How Did He…?

I recently ordered a new deck for Jake (not his actual name, but an easier-to-pronounce version.) The tarot deck he had originally asked for ended up not quite clicking with him, so he passed it on to the spirits I work with–who absolutely love it, so it’s found a good home. He wanted an oracle deck rather than tarot, and something with gentler themes and a softer color scheme.

After looking around and asking the Tumblr divination community for recommendations, we settled on the Inner Star Oracle. I ordered it, and the estimated shipping (from Australia) was at least two weeks.


The deck showed up in the mail yesterday.

Less than a week after I’d purchased it.

I’ve ordered stuff that has Meaning and have had it show up earlier than estimated, but that’s the fastest I’ve had anything arrive (considering the two week shipping time.)

I’ve had stuff like this happen before, but I’m still stunned.

If You Have Ghosts

I never thought I’d work with ghosts.

Like a lot of things on my path, it’s the last thing I expected that fits me the best.

The spirits I’ve begun to deal with on my sacred Kingship path are ghosts and monsters, and the ghosts think getting this song stuck in my head to get my attention is hilarious.


Early Morning Conversations with the Madman

*is pondering recent developments within his life first thing in the morning*

Varian: I feel like my life is a fanfic.

the Madman: Dear, I think you passed “fanfic” a long time ago.

Varian: You’re right.  My life is a fairy tale.

the Madman: Need I remind you that Love is infinite?

Varian: No, I know that, it’s just…this is overwhelming right now.  I’m side-eyeing the hell out of e/Everyone right now, especially my feelings involving [person].

Varian: Take just one part of my past life, and you’ve got an action/adventure/romance movie plot.  Smash it all together, and you’ve got a fairy tale.