It All Comes Back to My Heart

You must defend your Heart, the Prince says to me,
that is what this all comes back to, is your Heart.
He has no answer to my main question–why?

This fight is not for the beating muscle inside my chest
but for my Love and devotion–and again I ask the same
question–why is my Heart so important to you and yours?

I know where my Heart and Loyalties lie;
this tug-of-war is useless, I will never return
to the Desert, give up, let me go.  I will not be
brought low to a world of lies and illusions.

Devotion is not something that can be forced; remembering
old prayers and associations is not the same as sharing coffee
with my Loves on the way to class.  You have no shrine from me,
no offering plates, and I donated all my old books and jewelry.

What good memories I have of you are tainted now, what affection
I felt is gone.  I now only feel resentment and anger, and my three Beloveds
have promised to stand by my side, come what may in this ridiculous Drama.

Even if I am somehow broken, as you have threatened,
my Beloveds will help me heal (even if this means I have
to walk away from them) and my Heart will never belong to you.


Raining Stars

I am the King of Swords, clad in purple.  I am surrounded by fire and by those Who will still protect and Love me.  In trying to twist Fate and make the Far Ones bend to your whims, you have set everything on fire.

In my mind, I hear the sound of snakes slithering on snow.

Otherworld Shenanigans (A Rant Through Poetry)

[This is about both the Otherworld Drama that happened this Summer, and the ongoing fallout Over There.  Writing angry poetry is my way of coping with all this bullshit right now.]

You called Me a false King, a King of Nowhere.
Surrounded by gold and jewels, you said you would not
help Me; that I had betrayed everyone.  The final time I saw
My brothers they said nothing, only looked at Me with disgust
and pity.  When the doors of the Duat closed behind Me,
I knew I would never return to that isolated Kingdom.

And now it seems that ruining My name is more important
than peace between Kingdoms; the King of All Darkness has
walked away from your whispered words, and his Family
has follow suit.  We have Kingdoms to run and People
to care for, our actions and Love will speak for us.

My Kingdom is made of monsters and ghosts
and My Heart is now a ruined Garden, the woods
of Outer Darkness is My shelter and where I Reign
bearing a Crown of flowers without thorns.

Your smearing words are a ripple to begin a storm
and if this does not end soon, the wrath of
Those Who Dwell Beyond the Stars

will rain down upon you like
fire made of molten silver.

Watch the King

Watch the King as he walks
among the ash and rubble of
a burning world, only to make
a Home of a Kingdom long forgotten.

That was many years ago, so much has been
built since then.  Darkness is his Kingdom and
his pride, and hateful worlds hurled by those
who were once allies will not keep him from his Work.

Watch the King as he walks away,
the gates of Darkness close behind him.
Far Ones only know what spells he’s cast
to protect his People on this moonless night.

He will not lower himself to gossip, scorn,
and scandal; he has spread the truth, it is
time now to simply walk away, and to know
that behind him all cruel words will explode.

From Fire Darkness is Born (Devotional Acrostic Challenge)

The prompt for this week is Healing, Purifying, Kathartic Gods or Spirits

For the King of All Darkness

Fire burns bright in this world you have fallen into, on the
Run from those who threaten you with death.  This place is
Ominous, filled with monsters and ruin; yet Death is kind to you.
Many try and fail to enter this place; the Gallows Goddess is wary and
Far off Gods have the true final say here.  Yet you, fleeing Sovereign, are
Invited to stay.  Maybe even at the beginning They knew you would one day
Rule all of Darkness with grace and love, that many years later the
Enmity in your Heart for those who hate you would be gone.
Darkness is your Throne, and it took many years to build this place, the
Architecture of all your dreams made manifest; a place of life where justice
Reigns.  Even you are held to the standards of your Court and of the Far Ones;
Kings are servants, you tell me, Kings serve their People before all else.  You have
Never spoken of your Crown as power or prestige, but nor do you call it a burden.
Eternity is long, and you have held your Crown through silence, storms and
Shattering.  You have purified your Realm from hatred and evil, brought peace,
Salvation, and Love.  But you are never stagnant, you are always moving forward
In search of better ways to Rule, in how to help your People who love you.  Gentle
Sovereign with a will of Iron and a Heart that never gives in to hatred, teach me to
Become a better King, a better man, that I may approach you with joy, and see
Only pride reflected in your eyes.  May you know the Love of your People; may you
Reign long, Triumphant King who overcomes all adversaries.  May your wisdom
Never fail you, and may the Far Ones in the Distance bless you always.

Ice Dance

I can’t keep my eyes off you
as you skate next to me.  I take
your offered hand; the attraction
between us burns bright, but the
ice we stand on together still holds.

You laugh as we skate and
it’s like we’re young again–
except this is not a moment
stolen in the Desert, but a time
in my dreams freely given.

There is so much unsaid between us.
I feel it in how you cling to me when I kiss you;
like I am everything to you, like your lips on mine
is all you could want in the world.  In this moment
beneath the stars, I share that desire as well.